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PHL and HK Labor Officials talked about OFW Placement Fee Issue

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Placement fee issues and household workers’ complaints against their employers were raised by Philippine labor officials in a meeting held with the Hong Kong labor officials.

Their discussion focused on the need to cooperate with each other in addressing the concerns of Filipino household service workers in Hong Kong, particularly on placement fee issues and workers’ complaints against their employers,” Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Attaché Manuel Roldan and Consul General Bernardita Casalla met with Hong Kong Labour Department Commissioner Donald Tong, Deputy Commissioner Byron Ng, Assistant Commissioner Nicholas Chan and senior administrative officer Queenie Wong to discuss matters that concern OFWs in Hong Kong.

Labor Attaché Roldan reported that they’ve also explained the Philippine procedure of hiring Filipino workers, the ‘no-placement fee’ policy, the process of accrediting Hong Kong-based employment agencies with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and their responsibilities to the workers hired.

Consul General Casalla informed them about the rampant practice of Hong Kong-based agencies of collecting placement fees from workers which is a violation of the Hong Kong laws, allowing only a service fee of 10 percent from the worker’s first month’s salary.

They also added that upon arrival of OFWs in Hong Kong, especially household service workers or HSWs, they are brought by the agency to a Hong Kong lending company for them to sign a loan document which they had to pay through monthly installment from five to seven months in different 7-eleven branches. OFWs are also told to open a bank account, but with the ATM card to be surrendered to the agencies. They can only get hold of their atm after the amount of service fee for the month has been deducted.

Roldan said to Hong Kong labor officials that these processes, together with other complaints by OFWs like illegal recruitment and abuse, often remain unreported.

Commissioner Tong encourages workers to report complaints against their employers to Hong Kong Labour Department. While complaints against their agencies are to be reported to the Employment Agency Administration. These will be used as basis to conduct inspection and investigation regarding the matter.

Casalla raised a problem regarding the availablity of OFWs to complain, because Sunday is their only free time, when the Labor Department is closed. She then suggested that the Philippine Consulate can accept complaints from OFWs and summarize it before forwarding it to the Hong Kong Labour Department. Tong welcomes the idea of case-referral ssytem and said it will be subject for further discussion.

Through the case-referral system, the availability of OFWs to seek redress for their grievances and of Hong Kong authorities to hear them will no longer be an isse,” said Baldoz.

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Job Openings for Malaysia

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Are you looking for job vacancies in Malaysia? Well, you are in luck because we’ve collected latest job openings for Malaysia from different POEA licensed agencies. All you need to do is just browse the list below and click the one you are interested with to view more information.

If you want to look for other job openings in other countries abroad from POEA licensed agencies, simply visit www.workabroad.ph.


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Recruitment Agencies with Poor Repatriation Named

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA released the names of the 50 recruitment agencies who had failed to help in repatriating distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac named these agencies in his Facebook post saying that ‘the recruiters had displayed poor judgment in terms of complying with their promise to repatriate distressed OFWs’ and added that (POEA) ‘will docket cases against them with orders of preventive suspension imposed upon those in top ten’.

Below is the list of the 50 recruitment agencies, the top 6 already cancelled by POEA.

1. Asmara International Placement Agency, Inc.
2. World Production Intl Manp Corp
3. Al-Masiya Overseas Placement Agency Inc.
4. Realworld Corporation
5. Dalandan International Manpower Inc.
6. Nawras Manpower Services, Inc.
7. Philtrade International Manpower Services
8. Asean Management & Technical Services, Inc.
9. The Lamplight International Manpower Services Inc.
10. Aisis International Manpower, Inc.
11. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc.
12. ASAP-Placement Intl. Corp
13. Elbeitam Management Services, Inc.
14. Jamal Human Resource Internationale
15. Wanda Resources and Manp Corp
16. Wavex Management Services Inc.
17. Al-Awa’el Intenational Manpower Inc.
18. Futuristic International Artist (FIA) Promotion Corp.
19. Acclaimed One Manpower and Recruitment Services
20. First Step Manpower Int’l. Services Inc.
21. Goldmine Int’l Rect Agency
22. Meccaj Manpower Intl Svcs
23. Mi Amore International Services, Inc.
24. Miss Talent Management Services, Inc.
25. Rochart Global Resource Center
26. Samarec Services Master Placement Agency Co
27. Samba Master Recruitment Service
28. Saranay Philippines Inc.
29. ABC Manpower Agency Inc.
30. Al-Habib International Services Corporation
31. Crystal Falah-ville International Manpower Services Inc.
32. Helal Manpower Agency
33. House of Skilled Workers Intl Manpower Services Corp.
34. Kimobo International Personnel Services Inc.
35. Kougen International Promotion
36. Nouveau Riche International Recruitment Services
37. Osims Oriental Skills Intl Manp Svcs Inc.
38. Philglobal Manpower Development Corporation
39. Ridzkey Human Resources Intenational Services
40. White Wings Manpower Exponent
41. A.B.U. Talent Management Inc.
42. Al Rafedain Manpower Intl Corporation
43. Al Taka Manpower Services, Inc.
44. AP International Staffbuilders Inc.
45. Awas Manpower Services Inc.
46. Dobim Intenational Manpower Services
47. Hikari Management International Inc.
48. Jardy Internationa Promotion Agency
49. MMS Asia Group Resource Corporation
50. Muraken International Manpower Services



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Illegal Recruitment Victims Saved in A Raid by NBI

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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescued 15 women in a raid done at a suspected illegal recruitment agency in Malate, Manila.

The women were promised of jobs in the Middle East by the recruitment agency Tuem International Manpower Corp., saying they don’t have to pay any placement fees and other expenses.

NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division (NBI-AHTRAD) Chief Eric Czar Nuqui said these women, who were from provinces, said that their placement fees were substituted by other fees, which includes accommodation, food and rent.

NBI-AHTRAD Chief Nuqui also added that Tuem International Manpower Corp.’s license with POEA to operate already expired last June.  He said that if ever these women made it to be deployed to in Middle East, they would be undocumented and vulnerable to being human trafficking victims.

But the agency’s officials defended that they were not operating illegally because they were just processing the last batch of their recruits. Gerry Olarte, a company official, denied the accusation made by one girl named Gina, saying that the women were not detained and that all of them are free to come in and out of the agency.

The NBI recovered more than 200 passports in a vault during the raid too, an additional charge on the case to Tuem International Manpower Corp.


The government had launched a mobile application that would help in reporting human trafficking activities. Concerned Filipino citizen can now download the 1343 Actionline mobile application on their Android phones and through i-Tunes. This mobile app will be accessible for anyone with the aid of their mobile phones. The mobile app also includes attachment of photos and video for the purpose of evidence on human trafficking cases. The government encourages every Filipino to download the 1343 Actionline mobile app to their mobile devices to help combat human trafficking in the Philippines.

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Two Filipinos Convicted of Death Penalty in Vietnam

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Death Penalty is the sentenced given to two Filipinos for smuggling cocaine in Vietnam.

Emmanuel Sillo Camacho was found guilty by a Hanoi court for carrying a total of 3.4 kilograms of cocaine, while Donna Buenagua Mazon was sentenced in Ho Chi Minh caught with 1.5 kilos of cocaine December last year.

Vice president Jejomar Binay call on the Department of Foreign Affairs to extend their assistance for the convicted Pinoys in Vietnam. He also repeated his warning to Filipinos not to accept the role of being a drug trafficker in other countries in exchange for huge money because it is not worth the risk.

Binay said that ‘Lives are at stake here and no amount of money can compensate for a lost life’.

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