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Beware:Recruiters with license cancelled by POEA in 2015

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration released the list of recruitment agencies whose licenses were cancelled because of offenses made.


POEA has issued final and executory orders to the following agencies for their violations like excessive placement fees, misrepresentation, illegal exactions and issuance of fake OWWA pre-departure training certificates.


  1. Al-Walih International Manpower Services Co.
  2. Al-Niel International Recruitment
  3. Al Masiya Overseas Placement Agency Inc.
  4. Mari Human Resources Inc.
  5. Kosen International Inc.
  6. Chanceteam International Services Inc.
  7. Chosen Divine Mercy Manpower Services Corporation
  8. Trustworthy International Manpower Corporation
  9. TCI Recruitment Corporation
  10. Uni-Link Overseas Placement Agency Corporation
  11. Prestige Search International Inc.
  12. Wonder Star Corporation
  13. Valentino Promotion Recruitment International Agency, Inc.
  14. Raysa International Smart Employment Services
    (Rises) Corporation
  15. Kimobo International Personnel Services Inc.
  16. Guts International Services Corporation
  17. Marie Gold International Manpower Services
  18. Mid-South Ship And Crew Management Inc.
  19. Lam Healthcare Staffing Corporation
  20. MMS Asia Group Resource Corporation
  21. Accesglobal International Manpower Services Inc.
  22. Best One International Services & Consultancy Inc.
  23. Spring Resources Management & Promotion Inc.
  24. M.R. International Manpower Services Inc. (Formerly M.R. International Talent Management Services)
  25. Filscandia Manpower Recruitment Services Inc.
  26. Stronghold Manpower International Recruitment Agency Corporation
  27. Easyway International Recruitment Agency Co.
  28. Greengate Manpower Services Co.
  29. Zareiko Productions, Inc.
  30. Riley International Employment Services
  31. SML Human Resources Inc.
  32. The Lamplight International Manpower Services
  33. Mayan International Staffing Agency, Inc.
  34. Elbeitam Management Services, Inc.
  35. Wanda Resources and Manpower Corporation
  36. Efficient International Manpower Services Inc.


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Overseas Jobs for Heavy Equipment Operators

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Work abroad to any of these overseas job openings for heavy equipment operators from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies.

20 Heavy Equipment Operators (with GCC license) by JM International Inc.

Bound for Qatar, this requires male applicants, 23 to 49 years old, at least with high school diploma, minimum of 3 years work experience and familiar with excavator/crane/loader/dozer and other similar construction equipment.


50 Heavy Equipment Operators by Ikon Solutions Asia

Bound for Qatar, this requires male applicants, 25 to 45 years old, at least with high school diploma/short course certificate, minimum of 3 years work experience in local and GCC country as heavy equipment operator, with knowledge in excavator, loader and bulldozers.

30 Heavy Equipment Operator by Landbase Human Resources Company

Bound for Saudi Arabia, this requires male applicants, 22 years old and above, minimum of 1 year work experience.


10 Heavy Equipment Operator by Great Ways Manpower International, Inc.

Bound for United Arab Emirates, this requires male applicants, 25 to 40 years old, at least with vocational diploma/short course certificate, minimum of 3 years work experience.


5 Heavy Equipment Operator and Mechanic by MRH Global Personnel Services, Inc.

Bound for Palau, this requires male applicants, 22 to 45 years old, minimum of 2 years work experience.

More jobs abroad for heavy equipment operator here.


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POEA: No jobs for tourists in China

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration advises Filipino overseas applicants especially those who want to work as domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Macau, to be careful of job offers bound for China using tourist or business visas. 

poea new

According to POEA Administrator Hans Leo J, Cacdac. due to the growing numbers of undocumented OFWs in China, the country has not relaxed its immigration policy with regard to unskilled labor including nannies, caregivers, and household helpers.  He added that “Most importantly,  business and tourist visas cannot be converted to work visa, which is required of foreign workers before they can work legally in China.”

Cacdac also warned teachers regarding job offers in the internet for English language teaching positions in China without work visas.


View source here.

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The OFW Code of Discipline

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The OFW Code of Discipline:

Duty to Oneself, Family and Fellow OFWs

Many Filipinos opt to work in a foreign land for the sake of their loved ones’ betterment. This motivation is one of the reasons why the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) created the OFW Code of Discipline.


The code encompasses what an OFW’s duties to himself, to his family, fellow OFWs, country of origin and destination, and to his employer are.




  • Assert the occupation, position and job scope to which you have been hired for.
  • Assert one’s entitlements to all wages, compensation, and benefits agreed upon in the employment contract.
  • Be professional; maintain self-respect, good image and track record.
  • Ensure personal health as well as psycho-social and economic well-being; be aware of one’s vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS.
  • Be responsible for one’s safety and security at all times, including that of one’s belongings and personal property.
  • Notify the Philippine embassy or diplomatic mission of your presence in the country of work.


  • Engage in prostitution, drug trafficking, illegal recruitment, human smuggling and trafficking or other transnational crimes whether as principal party or accessory.
  • Possess deadly weapons, explosives and prohibited drugs, alcohol, pornographic or other contraband materials.
  • Solicit services of unauthorized manpower brokers and fixers for underground migration.
  • Don’t fall to “4D” jobs – dirty, dangerous, demeaning and (unreasonably) difficult.




  • Provide ample financial and moral support to your family in the Philippines.
  • Communicate with your family as often as you can and make your presence felt just as if you were around.
  • Provide them detailed information and documents about your overseas employment.
  • Be faithful to your spouse.


  • Abandon your family and refuse/discontinue support for the children.
  • Bring your family, especially young children, to hardship posts or countries where there is high risk to one’s welfare and security.



  • Assist and cooperate with other  OFWs working in the same site, especially in times of crisis.
  • Support OFW organizations of Filipino diaspora groups and contribute to their productive role.


  • Degrade a colleague or put him/her in bad light in order to get a position/rank or other personal gains.
  • Act as an unofficial remittance courier for all its risks of loss or robbery or spend for personal use money entrusted by fellow workers.
  • Invent lies and allegations against fellow OFWs to have them deported, detained or to be under police surveillance.
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OFWs, You Have Been Warned Repeatedly

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Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs have been taking every jobs possible to earn for their family. And many illegal recruiters were taking advantage of this eagerness from OFWs to work abroad.

How to Avoid Illegal Recruitment

For most OFWs, being a household service worker or HSWs is the easiest way for them to work abroad and reach for their dreams. Many of the OFWs working abroad as HSWs were deployed in Middle East, as demand for the service continues to rise.

But when the UAE Ministry of Interior imposed a new standard contract for HSWs to protect both them and their employers rights, the deployment was affected.

OFWs are brought by using fake job position. They are fronted as sales ladies, clerks, cashier, waitress or salon staff just to meet the demands for HSWs. Illegal recruiters not only exposed OFWs to possible abuse by foreign employers, but themselves as well to penalties from the Philippine government.

How to Identify Overseas Job Scams

OFWs are warned over and over again not to accept job offers abroad from recruiters who would give them work visa for jobs they didn’t apply to. They’re also reminded not to sign a new contract upon arriving at their work destination abroad.

Beware of Employment Contract Substitution

Presently, POEA are implementing strict rules regarding HSWs deployment in the Middle East. But this applies only to new hires and does not affect OFWs who’ve been in and out of the Kingdom to work as HSWs.

*source: Gulfnews


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