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Kuwait’s Bill to Affect Millions of Expatriates

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Kuwait is home to more than 2.4 million expatriates including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), both working and living in this Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country.  It is also OFWs favorite destination to work abroad.

Expatriates in the country includes Asian unskilled labourers and domestic helpers, which comprises mainly two-thirds of it’s population.

Concerned Kuwaiti lawmakers were alarmed by this number, stating that something has to be done to lessen Kuwait’s dependence on foreign workers.

A bill was endorsed last month to set limit on the expatriates number in the country. The bill is to set restrictions on any foreigners community to only less than 10 percent of Kuwait’s total population. This means that a community should not have more than 125,000 expatriates.

The proposal also aims to imposed a“five-year residency cap on expatriates and a ban on bringing their families too, in Kuwait. As a result, this will affect millions of expatriates wherein thousands would have to leave the country. Nationalities that would be greatly cut down by this proposal are Indians, Egyptian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Filipino, and Syrian, whether unskilled or semi-skilled workers.

But the proposal is still for approval from the legal and legislative committee, assessing if it complies with  the constitution and laws of Kuwait.

OFWs will be affected once this bill is passed and implemented by the Kuwaiti government. Though OFWs are highly in demand because of their skills, private business sector will have no choice but to obey once the bill is passed and mandatory implemented.

The business sector is boldly opposing the proposal, even resisting all deportation calls, emphasizing that the slice on expatriates or foreign workers “could result in grave economic issues in the country.”

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How OFWs can Send Remittance to the Philippines

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Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs remittances to their family in the Philippines are not only augmenting their life, but also help boost the economic stability of the country. It was estimated that 2014 remittances by OFWs could be 5 percent higher compared to last year.

OFWs remittance


Since it is the holiday season, OFWs will surely send big amount for Christmas expenses. But before OFWs transfer the money, there are a lot of factors to consider to be sure that the hard-earned amount will be received on time.

OFWs must compare first the costs, exchange rates and how fast the amount will be send and receive by the intended recipient. You can look for different international money transfer near your area and do a comparison of their services offered. They should have the ease and comfort that will suit the money transfer service needs of an OFW.

There are many different money transfer service to choose from, and some of them are:

Banks with a Philippine branch or affiliated branch. This is the most secure way of sending money to your family, but their charges and speed of delivery may differ.

Where OFWs can Remit Money in Saudi Arabia

Western Union. OFWs can use their services from their different agents’ location in more than 200 countries. But they don’t offer cheap money transfers with their rates and fees.

MoneyGram. It is another money transfer service with locations in many countries too. Money can be in Peso or US dollars either by home delivery, cash pick up or by ATM’s through LBC card.

Xoom Money Transfer. They offer online money transfer from credit card, debit card or by Paypal. Their exchange rate is below the market rate and the service is fast and safe.

PayPal. OFWs can send to remittances with their affordable-pay low fees, fast and secure transactions via payment method using debit or credit card.

KwartaPadala. An MLhuillier’s money remittance service with partners all over the globe, they ensure a fast, secure and reliable system of sending money.


These are just some of the wire services OFWs can choose to trust in sending their remittances. OFWs can also opt to try what their fellow OFWs had been using for most of the time. But whichever you prefer, there is only one thing you need to be sure of. Your family or intended recipient must be able to receive the money at the right time, when they needed it.

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OFWs Must Comply: No fingerprints, No Iqama

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Overseas Filipino workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must obey the final calling of the Jawazat or Passport department.

The Jawazat office emphasized on their warning that they will not issue any new or even renew residents permits or iqama unless all foreign workers and dependents over 15 years old have registered their fingerprints.

The department, assigned to gather all the residents of KSA’s fingerprints, have also started their responsibility when issuing iqama to arriving expatriates at the airports.

They have gradually introduced the system for the past years, not wanting to interrupt the residents and expatriates, including OFWs daily lives.

The fingerprinting system was introduced and implemented at the same time, dividing it into four stages.

First stage: Enforced more than six years ago when fingerprinting was applied at airports and land and sea inlets.

Second stage: Made mandatory for issuance of new iqama, their transfer, amendments and replacement.

Third stage: When fingerprinting became part of exit, re-entry and final exit visas.

Last stage: Implementing it for iqama renewals.

It is perceived that OFWs will comply to register their fingerprints until the given deadline which is on January 21, 2015.  Everyone in the KSA had been given enough time to obey this fingerprinting system.

Fingerprinting every person in the kingdom, which also includes expatriates like OFWs, is part of the Saudi governments’ efforts to improve protection for foreigners and citizens.



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Obama’s Order to Benefit Filipinos from Deportation

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Good news, kabayan sa US! More than 250,000 undocumented Filipinos in the United States will benefit from President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.

Many illegal immigrants in the US rejoice when Obama announced changes to the immigration system, mainly affecting those under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAP (Deferred Action for Parents) categories.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has already commanded its posts in the US to study the executive order and how its personnel can help the Filipinos avail of the protection offered by the president’s proposal.

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Undocumented Filipino migrants who will meet the criteria will be eligible to apply for three-year relief from deportation and work permits.

But they should be able to meet the following criteria to qualify for the extended protection from deportation:

  • Arrived in the US before 2010, and arrived in the US under the age of 16; and
  • Arrived in the US before 2010, and have at least one child who is a US citizen or legal resident;

Around five million illegal immigrants in the United States will benefit from the ease of threat of deportation because of Obama’s order which is a way to break the delay in debate over immigration.


Overseas jobs in USA


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Pinoys in Yemen: Register for Repatriation Until 11/30

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Filipinos were called by the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh to leave Yemen amidst the alarming situation of violence over the country.

The Philippine Embassy encourages all Filipinos to register for repatriation or update their previous registration. Filipinos in all cities and regions of Yemen can accomplish the registration form found on the website of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

A statement in the embassy’s advisory said that”Filipinos should decide and arrange to leave Yemen immediately, and not later than 30 November 2014.”

Filipinos can also reach designated Filipino community area coordinators and leaders for further information about the repatriation.

Filipinos in Yemen can also contact the Crisis Management Team at Movenpick Hotel Sana’a, Berlin Street, Sana’a, Yemen with mobile number +967-73-384-4958.

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The call for repatriation of Filipinos was reiterated by the Department of Foreign Affairs earlier this month after raising alert level 3 in Yemen due to the occupation of Houthi rebels in the city of Sana’a.

Alert level 3 in Yemen means voluntary repatriation and a total deployment ban for Filipinos, even for those who are on vacation.


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