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Wage Increase to Benefit OFWs in South Korea

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A 7.1 percent minimum wage increase is hope to benefit more than 35, 000 Filipino workers in South Korea next year once it is approved by the Korean Minister of Employment and Labor.

This good news about the wage increase was informed by Seoul Labor Attaché Felicitas Bay to Philippine Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, right after it was passed by Minimum Wage Council Chairman Park Jun-sung during the 7th plenary session.
Workers, including OFWs, under the Employment Permit System (EPS) will receive 5, 580 Korean won per hour or US$5.5 once it is applied starting January 1 until December 31, 2015.

EPS is the program selected by the Korean government to accept non-professional foreign workers in its small and medium industries under a transparent and efficient process of selecting, sending and receiving foreign workers through a government-to-government agreement.

According to Secretary Baldoz, the wage hike was decided based on the average wake hikes by collective bargaining agreements or CBAs and income distribution improvement rates, that indicates the wage level of workers belonging in a same category.

But not all can benefit from this wage increase. Those working in family business and living in the same residence, seafarers governed by the Seafarers Act, domestic workers, and those who do limited work because of physical or mental abilities are not covered by the salary changes, except if their exclusion is permitted by their Minister of Employment and Labor.

Seoul Labor Attaché Felicitas Bay added that the South Korea’s Minimum Wage Council will have to submit the wage proposal to the Minister of Employment and Labor for the purpose of public announcement and to be able to give the workers’ and employers’ representatives a 10-day adjustment period for any objections.

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Recruitment Agencies with Poor Repatriation Named

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA released the names of the 50 recruitment agencies who had failed to help in repatriating distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac named these agencies in his Facebook post saying that ‘the recruiters had displayed poor judgment in terms of complying with their promise to repatriate distressed OFWs’ and added that (POEA) ‘will docket cases against them with orders of preventive suspension imposed upon those in top ten’.

Below is the list of the 50 recruitment agencies, the top 6 already cancelled by POEA.

1. Asmara International Placement Agency, Inc.
2. World Production Intl Manp Corp
3. Al-Masiya Overseas Placement Agency Inc.
4. Realworld Corporation
5. Dalandan International Manpower Inc.
6. Nawras Manpower Services, Inc.
7. Philtrade International Manpower Services
8. Asean Management & Technical Services, Inc.
9. The Lamplight International Manpower Services Inc.
10. Aisis International Manpower, Inc.
11. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc.
12. ASAP-Placement Intl. Corp
13. Elbeitam Management Services, Inc.
14. Jamal Human Resource Internationale
15. Wanda Resources and Manp Corp
16. Wavex Management Services Inc.
17. Al-Awa’el Intenational Manpower Inc.
18. Futuristic International Artist (FIA) Promotion Corp.
19. Acclaimed One Manpower and Recruitment Services
20. First Step Manpower Int’l. Services Inc.
21. Goldmine Int’l Rect Agency
22. Meccaj Manpower Intl Svcs
23. Mi Amore International Services, Inc.
24. Miss Talent Management Services, Inc.
25. Rochart Global Resource Center
26. Samarec Services Master Placement Agency Co
27. Samba Master Recruitment Service
28. Saranay Philippines Inc.
29. ABC Manpower Agency Inc.
30. Al-Habib International Services Corporation
31. Crystal Falah-ville International Manpower Services Inc.
32. Helal Manpower Agency
33. House of Skilled Workers Intl Manpower Services Corp.
34. Kimobo International Personnel Services Inc.
35. Kougen International Promotion
36. Nouveau Riche International Recruitment Services
37. Osims Oriental Skills Intl Manp Svcs Inc.
38. Philglobal Manpower Development Corporation
39. Ridzkey Human Resources Intenational Services
40. White Wings Manpower Exponent
41. A.B.U. Talent Management Inc.
42. Al Rafedain Manpower Intl Corporation
43. Al Taka Manpower Services, Inc.
44. AP International Staffbuilders Inc.
45. Awas Manpower Services Inc.
46. Dobim Intenational Manpower Services
47. Hikari Management International Inc.
48. Jardy Internationa Promotion Agency
49. MMS Asia Group Resource Corporation
50. Muraken International Manpower Services



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Yemen still in Alert Level 2

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Filipino nationals in Yemen are reminded by the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh that the said country is still under Alert level 2 because of the continuing political and security tensions.

The embassy advised Filipinos to restrict non-essential movement and to avoid public places.

Alert level 3 was raised in Yemen December last year because of a deadly attack on the Defense Ministry leaving more than 50 people dead, including several Filipino workers. But it was then lowered to level 2 or restriction phase February this year.

With alert level 2 advisory over Yemen, the deployment of newly-hired Filipino workers is still suspended. It was also clarified that re-entry of those with existing contracts to their company or employer are allowed.

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Pinay Nurse from Saudi Arabia positive for MERS-CoV

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A 37-year old Pinay Nurse who arrived last Friday from Saudi Arabia had been tested positive for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus or MERS-CoV.

According to Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Enrique Ona, the nurse, who was from General Santos City, was advised of her condition and was accompanied by a personnel from the National Epidemiology Center to the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao Citiy.

The Pinay nurse was confirmed positive of MERS-Cov in Saudi Arabia. But the other Pinay nurse she came with and whose home in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan she had stayed, along with the family, is tested negative for MERS-CoV.

DOH Secretary Ona also said that the specimen from the Pinay nurse was sent to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) for more testing and confirmation. He added that all 249 passengers of Saudi Airlines and those 143 passengers of Cebu Pacific who had contact with the two Pinay nurses were informed and told to undergo examination so that it’ll be known if they’re infected or not. Despite of this incident, the DOH stick to its announcement that the Philippines is still MERS-CoV free.

Once again, the DOH secretary pleaded for Filipino workers or OFWs from the Middle East to have themselves be tested for MERS-CoV and patiently wait for the results to come before going back to the Philippines.

According to CDC or Centers for Disese Control and Prevention, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS is a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus, thus the name MERS-CoV. People confirmed to have MERS-CoV had developed severe acute respiratory illness, having cough, fever and shortness of breath. Thirty percent of the people with MERS-CoV had reportedly died.

Countries in or near the Arabian Peninsula confirmed with MERS-CoV are Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Yemen. While precautions are recommended for its neighboring countries namely Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Israel.


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Illegal Recruitment Victims Saved in A Raid by NBI

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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescued 15 women in a raid done at a suspected illegal recruitment agency in Malate, Manila.

The women were promised of jobs in the Middle East by the recruitment agency Tuem International Manpower Corp., saying they don’t have to pay any placement fees and other expenses.

NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division (NBI-AHTRAD) Chief Eric Czar Nuqui said these women, who were from provinces, said that their placement fees were substituted by other fees, which includes accommodation, food and rent.

NBI-AHTRAD Chief Nuqui also added that Tuem International Manpower Corp.’s license with POEA to operate already expired last June.  He said that if ever these women made it to be deployed to in Middle East, they would be undocumented and vulnerable to being human trafficking victims.

But the agency’s officials defended that they were not operating illegally because they were just processing the last batch of their recruits. Gerry Olarte, a company official, denied the accusation made by one girl named Gina, saying that the women were not detained and that all of them are free to come in and out of the agency.

The NBI recovered more than 200 passports in a vault during the raid too, an additional charge on the case to Tuem International Manpower Corp.


The government had launched a mobile application that would help in reporting human trafficking activities. Concerned Filipino citizen can now download the 1343 Actionline mobile application on their Android phones and through i-Tunes. This mobile app will be accessible for anyone with the aid of their mobile phones. The mobile app also includes attachment of photos and video for the purpose of evidence on human trafficking cases. The government encourages every Filipino to download the 1343 Actionline mobile app to their mobile devices to help combat human trafficking in the Philippines.

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