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Changes in Qatar Law for Recruitment of HSWs

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Overseas Filipino workers, particularly the household service workers (HSWs) or domestic helpers, will be affected by the rationalized Qatar Law for hiring them.


The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs highlights the following when employing a domestic worker.


  • A contract with the recruitment agency who will provide the HSW should be signed in advance.


  • Employers must read the contract carefully and need to have a copy, as well as copies of bills for any advance payment made.


  • The contract must be approved by the department concerned at the Labour of Ministry aside from being signed by the prospective employer and recruitment agency.


  • The contract must include a fixed term and guarantee (probation) period, which is three months, and will come into effect once the HSW joins the employer.


  • The employer is responsible for the HSW to get a medical check-up done within two weeks from arrival to ensure they are free from any disease.


  • If there is a delay in providing the requested HSW, the employer has the right to demand compensation.


  • HSWs can be send back home within the probation period if found medically unfit; carry out the duties he or she came to perform; one of the parties fails to fulfill or violate terms of the contract; or the competent authority declined to process the residency permit.


Before hiring, a prospective employer must received first the candidate’s curriculum vitae to make a choice. The processing of entry visa will start once the Ministry has approved the contract.


The Ministry said the employer has the right to file a complaint in their office if the recruitment agency fails to meet the terms in the written contract signed and approved by them.



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PhilEmbassy in Riyadh’s Consular Outreach Services

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The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has announced it’s schedule of consular outreach services for March 2016.

Catering to Filipino nationals in the Eastern region and nearby areas, the Embassy will provide full consular services on:

  • passport services (new/renewal/replacement)
  • passport extension and travel document issuance
  • notarial and authentication services
  • civil registry services (birth/marriage/death)

Taking place at Golden Tulip Hotel, Ash Shaikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz, Hail, the consular mission will be on March 4, from 8am to 5pm and March 5, from 8am to 12nn only.

The Embassy emphasized that it will strictly enforce the Passport Appointment System for passport applicants, with exceptions to

  • infants aged six (6) months and below
  • pregnant women
  • senior citizens who are aged 60 years old and above
  • physically-challenged individuals; and
  • applicants whose passports have declared lost, damaged or mutilated.


  • All applicants for passport renewal will be accommodated based on their previously obtained appointment.
  • All applicants must personally secure/book an appointment thru the Embassy’s website at riyadhpe.dfa.gov.ph by using their own e-mail address.A confirmation for the appointment will be sent via the same email.
  • Only one (1) appointment booking per applicant is allowed, otherwise, all bookings made under the same name or email address will be invalidated.
  • Appointments made under an alias or fictitious name will also be invalidated.
  • Appointments for consular outreach services or “Embassy on Wheels” (EOW) will be made available five (5) days before the actual schedule.
  • Do not forget to bring old passport and a photocopy of the passport’s data page as well as the passport appointment confirmation and the renewal fee of SR240.
  • “First come first serve basis” will be implemented for other consular services. Bring a photocopy of valid passport and other relevant documents.



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What Awaits Filipinos Overstaying with Visit Visa in Saudi

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A maximum of SR50,000 fine, imprisonment and/or deportation is what an overstaying visit visa holder in Saudi will get.


The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) warned foreign visit visa holders, as well as expat workers, not to stay beyond the validity period.


Expats or Saudi who issued the visit visa will be fined an amount of SR15,000 for their first offense. A three-month jail time and a penalty of SR25,000 is up for the second violation. While SR50,000 fine, six months in jail and deportation for expats will be the punishment for third offense.


Questions may be directed to Jawazat by contacting them online through their website gdp.gov.sa@992.


To avoid any inconvenience such as these penalties, the directorate encourage all visit visa holders to obey the residency regulations in Saudi and leave the kingdom before the expiration date.



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Kapag nasa abroad, wow! Ang nasa isip ng mga tao sa Pilipinas, ang mga OFWs ay sosyal, masaya, mayaman, etc. It was also the same thinking we had before we experienced working as OFWs. Hindi bawat OFW ay mapalad na gaya ng iba pero majority sa amin ay problemado lalo na when it comes to financial matters.

I am working in a remittance company here in Qatar. Every day when I am at work, halos lahat ng mga customers namin ay isa ang sinasabi “I’m here again, padala na naman. At ganon talaga”.  Nakakatuwa ‘di ba? Another thing which is common and is actually happening ay ang tawanan ng mga customers namin, talking about their families in the Philippines – about the text messages na dumarating at end of the month. Alam na! nagparamdam kasi malapit na ang pay day. But after sending the control number ng perang pinadala, wala ng feedback if they received the cash o hindi pa. Minsan kami pa mismo ang unang magte-text o tatawag just to confirm. But we understand kasi mahal ang international calls/text.  Buti na nga lang may social media na ngayon.

Kaming OFWs, Mayaman sa Resibo

Mayaman? Oo, mayaman kami sa resibo dahil monthly, we’re sending money to our families. Sa dami ng resibo namin, pwede na siguro kaming magtayo ng museum for our receipts na iba-iba ang services na nagamit at bansang pinagmulan. Bayani nga kami kung tawagin dahil sa aming sacrifices at maging sa aming great contribution for our country. Totoong mahirap ang malayo sa mga mahal sa buhay. Oo, masarap mamuhay sa abroad pero mahirap din. But for our dreams para sa sarili at pamilya, handa kaming magtiis.

Bakit nga ba sa resibo kami mayaman? Aside sa monthly support kasi namin for our family, yung iba may pinag-aaral sa college o kaya ay may project na pinapagawa – bahay or whatsoever. As much as we wanted to help everyone including our relatives na lumalapit eh wala na kaming maibigay dahil we also have personal needs at mahal din ang bilihin dito. Most especially yung mga OFWs na andito kasama ang asawa at mga anak nila, mahal din po ang tuition fees ng mga bata. Expenses pa sa daily na pagpasok ng mga kids kaya sana maintindihan niyo rin if talagang walang maibigay the moment na lalapit kayo.

Malaki man o maliit ang sahod ng mga OFWs dito, I tell you halos lahat ay problemado din sa pera lalo na kaming mga simpleng OFWs. If you will not experience working abroad, you will never understand kung ano ang sinasabi namin. Good thing lang talaga dito ay we are provided free accommodation and transportation by our company at higit sa lahat tax free.

Whatever the reasons are, we OFWs have the deepest reasons why we are here. It’s a challenge for us not to forget yung sarili din natin, kasi in the end, babalik at babalik din tayo sa ating bayan. Kaya SAVINGS is a must and we have to spend our money wisely.

– From a real-life OFW, guest blogger
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Employment Contract Replacement, A Threat to OFWs

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Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are advised to be aware of employment contract substitution that is becoming a normal scenario for Filipinos who are to work abroad.


The Philippine government is taking up all measures to ensure the safety and welfare of OFWs in foreign countries by creating a standard employment contract. The standard employment contract stipulates various terms and conditions to be agreed upon by the hired OFW and the foreign employer.


Informations like job position, contract duration, salary rates, benefits, overtime pay, just causes for termination and other important matters should be included in an OFWs employment contract.


Most OFWs in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries encounter this replacement of employment contract. Upon arrival in the kingdom, OFWs are once again asked to sign a new contract which has a big difference from what they’ve signed before.


Contract substitution is one of the most common problems of OFWs and it usually leaves them underpaid and with extended contract duration. This will also be a mean for foreign employers to abuse and violate OFWs abroad.


OFWs should seek first the assistance of the Philippine Embassy in such cases of employment contract substitution.


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Where OFWs in UAE Can Seek Help

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