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Prioritize your Health, OFWs

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If asked to choose between health and wealth, most Filipinos or OFWs will choose the first one. Apparently, this will be the obvious answer so as not to cause a stir and think of someone as money-minded.

Health, in every aspect should be the priority for everyone, especially OFWs who are working abroad. OFWs sacrifice everything just to provide better future for their family by overseas jobs. And most of the OFWs, though they’ve experienced bad experiences from foreign employers abroad, still decide to look for overseas jobs and work abroad again. This decision means taking risk in every aspect by working abroad – health, happiness, family, homesickness etc.

This is why Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) secretary Rosalinda Baldoz reiterated the call for OFWs not to take any risk by applying or entertaining employment or job offers from Ebola-hit countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. She further said that the deployment ban for these countries still exists, and OFWs paper will not be legally processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA for them to be sent to work abroad.

The announcement was made by DOLE secretary amidst report stating that there was a high demand for healthcare workers for deployment on the West African countries to aid the increasing number of patients with Ebola virus.

The total ban deployment was enforced by POEA last month as part of the preventive measure for OFWs to avoid being infected with deadly Ebola virus disease.

Also, a total deployment ban was imposed for newly-hired OFWs last July when the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) issued crisis alert level 2 on the three countries because of Ebola virus spreading.

This total deployment ban ordered by POEA includes the processing and deployment of returning OFWs even if they have existing employment contract in the Ebola-hit countries.

Filipinos, especially OFWs, should heed the call not to apply for overseas jobs in the West African countries greatly affected by the Ebola virus. You all have one goal, to earn much money for the family, but it would be useful if you’ll be infected by this alarming deadly disease that had claimed thousands of lives.




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OFWs OK to be Deployed Again in West Bank & Israel

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Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can now be deployed again in West Bank and Israel. This is after the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) had lifted the alert level earlier raised over these countries.

DFA had now placed West Bank and Israel to alert level 1 or the precautionary phase from alert level 2 or restriction phase.

OFWs can now apply for job openings from licensed recruitment agencies because the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the governing body that monitors deployment of filipino workers abroad, had lifted the deployment ban in these countries.

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that the deployment ban of newly-hired OFWs to the Gaza Strip are still strictly imposed. Only returning OFWs documents will be processed and deployed but are still subject to compliance with documentary evidence.
Baldoz also said that the resolution lifting the deployment ban in West Bank and Israel was made after the DFA had informed them of lowering the alert level of the said countries effective last September 11.
POEA had imposed a total deployment ban for OFWs bound to Gaza Strip, while processing and deployment of newly-hired OFWs to Israel and West Bank were stopped in July because of the security threats made by the Israel-Hamas conflict.



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PHL and HK Labor Officials talked about OFW Placement Fee Issue

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Placement fee issues and household workers’ complaints against their employers were raised by Philippine labor officials in a meeting held with the Hong Kong labor officials.

Their discussion focused on the need to cooperate with each other in addressing the concerns of Filipino household service workers in Hong Kong, particularly on placement fee issues and workers’ complaints against their employers,” Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Attaché Manuel Roldan and Consul General Bernardita Casalla met with Hong Kong Labour Department Commissioner Donald Tong, Deputy Commissioner Byron Ng, Assistant Commissioner Nicholas Chan and senior administrative officer Queenie Wong to discuss matters that concern OFWs in Hong Kong.

Labor Attaché Roldan reported that they’ve also explained the Philippine procedure of hiring Filipino workers, the ‘no-placement fee’ policy, the process of accrediting Hong Kong-based employment agencies with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and their responsibilities to the workers hired.

Consul General Casalla informed them about the rampant practice of Hong Kong-based agencies of collecting placement fees from workers which is a violation of the Hong Kong laws, allowing only a service fee of 10 percent from the worker’s first month’s salary.

They also added that upon arrival of OFWs in Hong Kong, especially household service workers or HSWs, they are brought by the agency to a Hong Kong lending company for them to sign a loan document which they had to pay through monthly installment from five to seven months in different 7-eleven branches. OFWs are also told to open a bank account, but with the ATM card to be surrendered to the agencies. They can only get hold of their atm after the amount of service fee for the month has been deducted.

Roldan said to Hong Kong labor officials that these processes, together with other complaints by OFWs like illegal recruitment and abuse, often remain unreported.

Commissioner Tong encourages workers to report complaints against their employers to Hong Kong Labour Department. While complaints against their agencies are to be reported to the Employment Agency Administration. These will be used as basis to conduct inspection and investigation regarding the matter.

Casalla raised a problem regarding the availablity of OFWs to complain, because Sunday is their only free time, when the Labor Department is closed. She then suggested that the Philippine Consulate can accept complaints from OFWs and summarize it before forwarding it to the Hong Kong Labour Department. Tong welcomes the idea of case-referral ssytem and said it will be subject for further discussion.

Through the case-referral system, the availability of OFWs to seek redress for their grievances and of Hong Kong authorities to hear them will no longer be an isse,” said Baldoz.

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Job fair for repatriated OFWs to be held in Lingayen

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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Region I will hold a job fair for repatriated OFWs this weekend at the Provincial Employment Service Office (PESO) in Pangasinan. This special job fair will be held on September 12-13, 2014.

job fair image thumbnail

Pangasinan Regional Director Grace Ursua reported to DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz of the planned job fair led by Pangasinan PESO Manager Alex Ferrer. Pangasinan PESO said they had invited local companies and overseas placement agencies that charges no placement fees to join the special job fair, which aims to ‘provide employment services to OFWs displaced due to crisis or emergency situations in Libya, Syria, Israel, Iraq and other countries’.

DOLE Secretary Baldoz hailed the DOLE Regional Office and PESO Pangasinan for taking the action to hold the job fair adding that it will be helpful for OFWs who are looking for other jobs whether locally or overseas after what they’ve been through.


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In-Demand Hard to Fill Jobs,Job-Generating Industries

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What are the most in-demand occupations in the Philippines? What are the jobs with many vacancies but competition is low because there are few qualified applicants? What are the industries or companies that are needing the most number of workers?

The recent updates in Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision, tries to provide insights to the said questions of jobseekers.  According to the press release published in the DOLE’s official, website, there are 13 Key Employment Generators (KEGs) in the Philippines:

Agribusiness, Construction, Information Technology/Business Process Management, Health and Wellness, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Banking and Finance, Mining, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing Ownership, Dwellings and Real Estate, Education, Power and Utilities

The government agency also identified 237 in-demand occupations. From this list, there are occupations are identified as cross-cutting occupations, which means it appears in more than one industry: Accountant, Appraiser, Cashier, Checker, Driver, Machine Operator, Mechanical Technician, Security Guard, Teller, Welder

There are also 138 hard-to-fill occupations, and from this list 8 occupations are seen to recur across all of the KEGS:
Chemist, CNC Machinist, Computer Programmer, Geologist, Heavy Equipment Operator, Medical Technologist, Pharmacist, and Surveyor.

Search for Job Openings in the Philippines Here. 

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