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Filipiknow: Applying for A Philippine Passport

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The Philippine passport is one of the important documentary requirements an applicant has to secure to be able to find a job abroad.

Watch this short but helpful video by GMA News’ Filipiknow on how to secure a new passport.



Prepare and find out how much you have to pay to be able to obtain a Philippine Passport here.




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OFWs, for the sake of your beloved, don’t take loans!

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Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs, and most Filipinos, are used to borrowing money from lenders here in the Philippines. And often, they bring this attitude even when they’re working abroad.

The United Arab Emirates is one country that offers loans or credit cards with low interest rates for borrowers. Many OFWs can’t say no to such temptations. So OFWs apply for loans or credit cards, without thinking for a million times if they’ll be able to pay for its charges or not.

And this is where situations get worse. Because most OFWs just grab the offers, they fail to see the hidden charges underneath and the consequences they’ll face.

Advice to OFWs: Avoid Loan Sharks

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), an alarming number of OFWs in the UAE were detained due to loan cases.

Tips for OFWs: Don’t Be a Victim of Loan Sharks

DFA had advised OFWs to take extra precaution when taking loans or credit cards.  Failure to pay for it may result to civil or criminal charges filed by the lenders, whether banks or individuals. Bouncing checks issued also face the same charges, since lenders require  OFWs  to attach their signatures on blank checks as part of their security measures.

Debt-related cases in UAE are difficult to handle, because a travel ban is imposed for civil cases. This means that OFWs will not be allowed to leave UAE because of unpaid loans or credit card charges. Co-makers and guarantors will also be apprehended and detained for this.

OFWs should learn to manage their money wisely to avoid making loans since failure to pay for it will result to consequences they wouldn’t want to experience with their work abroad. Learn to live with what you earn OFWs, so you can return to your family waiting for you.

Tip for OFWs: How to Avoid Loan Sharks


*source: globalnation.inquirer.net

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Warning to OFWs: Do Not Engage in Drug Trafficking

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Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are sacrificing everything just to provide well enough for their families future.  This is also the reason why OFWs are often victimized by illegal drug traffickers as drug mules or transporter.

The Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA once again repeat its call for OFWs not to engage in drug trafficking activities as this will hinder their dream of working abroad and become successful for their loved ones benefit.

DFA advised OFWs and other Filipino travellers not to allow themselves to be recruited by drug syndicates in carrying out their drug-trafficking operations.

A new modus operandi was also disclosed. DFA reported that a Filipino was arrested at the airport while waiting for his flight to depart from Ningbo to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Filipino will transport the illegal substance crystal methamphetamine or “ice” to China.

Filipina Nurse Sentenced to Life in UAE

The DFA emphasized on its warning for OFWs and Filipino travellers that China imposes harsh penalties for persons convicted of transporting such illegal drugs. All are advised to be cautious when accepting packages as this might be illegal substances which can be grounds for their convictions abroad.

DFA also said that OFWs and other Filipino travellers should comply with pre-departure formalities implemented by the Philippine immigration authorities to prevent the occurrence of illegal recruitment, people smuggling, human trafficking and drug trafficking cases.

OFWs may find offers by drug syndicates appealing because of instant cash earning without the hard work, but they should remind themselves of the consequences of their actions and its effect on their families once they are caught with the possession of illegal drugs prohibited by their country destination. After all, their family is the main reason why they are to travel and work abroad.


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Pinoys in Yemen: Register for Repatriation Until 11/30

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Filipinos were called by the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh to leave Yemen amidst the alarming situation of violence over the country.

The Philippine Embassy encourages all Filipinos to register for repatriation or update their previous registration. Filipinos in all cities and regions of Yemen can accomplish the registration form found on the website of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

A statement in the embassy’s advisory said that”Filipinos should decide and arrange to leave Yemen immediately, and not later than 30 November 2014.”

Filipinos can also reach designated Filipino community area coordinators and leaders for further information about the repatriation.

Filipinos in Yemen can also contact the Crisis Management Team at Movenpick Hotel Sana’a, Berlin Street, Sana’a, Yemen with mobile number +967-73-384-4958.

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The call for repatriation of Filipinos was reiterated by the Department of Foreign Affairs earlier this month after raising alert level 3 in Yemen due to the occupation of Houthi rebels in the city of Sana’a.

Alert level 3 in Yemen means voluntary repatriation and a total deployment ban for Filipinos, even for those who are on vacation.


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Senate Bill will support OFWs Once Passed

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A bill that will provide P50,000 credit assistance for overseas Filipino workers or OFWs is pressed to be passed.

The said bill was proposed by Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, who said it was similar to a bill which was set for approval on the third and final reading.

Senator Angara also praises other representatives on their favorable action regarding the bill, and hopes to receive the same on this new version of the bill which addresses the needs of OFWs.

Senate Bill 1955 authored by Angara is set to create a credit assistance program for OFWs which will help them in paying for recruitment fees and other payments made during their pre-employment.

The P50,000 credit loan will be granted to OFWs, with a valid employment contract, by the Overseas Welfare Administration (OWWA).  The loan will be entered into by and between the OFW-borrower and OWWA, with the next-of-kin as the co-borrower.

This senate bill, once passed, aims to subsidize living expenses of the OFWs family during the first months of absence, and to pay all the recruitment processing expenses like placement fees, documentation costs and plane tickets.

In 12 equal monthly installments, OFWs shall pay the loan through accredited banking institutions with an interest rate that is not to exceed six percent per year.

But if the OFW fails to pay the said loan, the bill authorizes the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA to withhold issuance of overseas employment certificate (OEC) and other exit permit or clearance for the OFW to be able to work abroad.

And if ever a government official or private individual will give OEC or any exit permit to OFWs who failed to pay the loan, he will be given a 60-day suspension for the first offense.  The second offense will cause his dismissal and permanent cancellation of license.

Angara said that the credit facility is another venue for government to support OFWs for sending in much-needed foreign remittances that help maintain the country’s macroeconomic stability.


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