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Whoa! Pinoy Uber Driver Earns $252,000/Year

While reports say that Uber drivers in Washington D.C. are trying to make ends meet after latest fare cuts, Gavin Escolar, a Filipino driving for Uber, makes $252,000 annually. How did he do it?

Image from Forbes.com

Image from Forbes.com

From the Philippines, Gavin migrated to San Francisco to start a jewelry company and  later became an Uber driver to have enough money for his needs.


At first, he was just mentioning his jewelry business to his passengers. But instead of providing a business card, Gavin thought of showing the collection to his passengers. He then turned his car into a showroom, positioning his jewelry collections inside his car.


In a span of one year, this resourceful Filipino was able to create wonderful  jewelry designs for his passengers, averaging $18,000 in transactions every month. Gavin is earning $3,000 from driving Uber each month. That’s $252,000, Gavin’s combined income in 2014. He used this overwhelming income to expand his business.  He bought three more cars and hired six new drivers.


Amidst success, Gavin still drives eight hours every day to update his drivers where to pick up customers, which hours to drive and when big events are happening.  As he claims “The best generals are always with their soldiers.”


Just so you know: Uber is a mobile app where passengers can request for a taxi, private car or rideshare from their mobile phone in minutes. This app is useable in different cities around the world.

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I Forgot My SSS Number, What To Do?

It is inevitable. Some people tend to forget important personal data such as their SSS number. Here are some help for you to retrieve your SSS number:

  1. Firstly, do not apply for another SSS number. It will just complicate things.
  2. Go to the nearest SSS office and personally ask about your concerns.  For OFWs, SSS have branches worldwide like in Abu Dhabi, Hongkong, Brunei, Kuwait, London, Doha, Jeddah, Dubai, Milan, Riyadh, Rome, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Tip: Bring any document or documents that you think might help you recover your SSS number.

sss-deadline-payments It is a given fact that those who forgot their SSS numbers are those members who lost or haven’t obtained an SSS ID yet. If your SSS ID is lost, ask for an Affidavit of Loss, fill it out and have it notarized. Click this to find out how to apply for and/or renew your SSS ID.


Filipinos Are Up to Something

Why are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) where they are today?

Let’s get the facts straight.


There’s a global skill shortage.

Technology and globalization have caused tremendous shifts in the worldwide labor market in the last three decades.


In developing economies like China, Brazil, and the Philippines, millions of non-farm jobs were created, moving people from rural areas to cities for better-paying jobs. On the other hand, advanced economies like the US and Singapore revved up growth and productivity by investing in technology and low-cost labor, while creating high-wage jobs for high-skill workers.


The result was a massive skill shortage in the very occupations critical to fast growth: high-skill jobs, particularly in finance and business services, retail trade and hospitality, construction and public services; domestic care to support the rise in dual-income households; and health care to support greying populations.


To address the shortage, advanced economies are doing three things: growing tertiary education attainment and raising the share of graduates for the specific fields facing shortages, re-training middle-career workers to upgrade skills, and welcoming more high-skill workers from other countries to immigrate.


With fast-growing populations and increasing access to global markets, developing economies like China, Brazil, and the Philippines became leading contributors of immigrant workers in these advanced economies.


Filipinos have got what it takes to cut it.

  • Among developing economies contributing to the global labor market, the Philippine workforce has the biggest percentage of tertiary school graduates.


  • A key solution to the global skill shortage— improving education and upgrading skills is something that the Philippines has been cleverly cracking in the last decade. Young people choose specialisations like business, IT, hospitality, retail, and healthcare with the global job market in mind. Skill upgrade through second degrees, certifications, and occupation trainings have become very common in the Philippine education and employment scene.


  • Because of the country’s history, the Filipino culture and skill set has the gems of both the East and the West, making them highly valuable in the global job market for their Asian strengths and high level of adaptability to the Western world.


  • Not at all unknown to many, Filipinos’ English proficiency is high. “The island attained a score above 7, putting them within a range of a high proficiency that indicates an ability to lead business discussions and perform complex tasks.” -Forbes Magazine


  • With vast waters dividing the islands of the Philippine archipelago, the first move out of home and into a city often entails much psycho-emotional investment. Past that first big move though, journeying a little farther to other countries becomes a breeze.


  • Filipinos are such a happy bunch of people who can be happy, driven, and competent in any city, any country, any culture.


  • The Philippine social system can support the temporary absence of overseas workers. Community lives are so closely intertwined and the Filipino heart is so big that no child is ever parentless. With every parent who flies out of the country comes a network of foster parents (aunts, teachers, neighbors, friends) very much willing and able to care for someone else’s children like their own.

Filipinos are up to something. And yes, it’s something big.


The bigger worldview that Overseas Filipino Workers acquire and share with their families back home is raising a generation of Filipinos who are not at all daunted by financial, geographical, or cultural barriers to putting their skills and strengths out there and building a better life out of it.


As a developing economy, the Philippine Peso is naturally cheaper than the currencies of advanced economies. Thus, money earned by Overseas Filipino Workers, when sent or brought back home, doubles or triples in worth. This huge inflow of money is sending millions of Filipino children all the way to tertiary level and even post-graduate studies, and is used as capitalisation for new business enterprises— the perfect recipe to break the cycle of poverty.


So the next time someone asks why so many Filipinos are working abroad, the answer is simple. 1) Advanced economies have a shortage of skills and Filipinos have what it takes to fill it. 2) Filipinos are choosing to take an inconvenient big leap, rather than easy strides, to progress.


“The Philippines is set to leapfrog 27 places to become the 16th largest economy in the world by 2050.” -HSBC Global Research


Overseas Filipino Workers— call it one sacrificial generation.  Soon, Filipinos will never have to leave.
By: Ethel Sanchez

Data Sources:
The World at Work: Jobs, Pay, and Skills for 3.5 Billion People, McKinsey Global Institute, 2012
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The World in 2050, HSBC Global Research, 2012



Overseas Job for Service Crew

FVJ OVERSEAS PLACEMENT, INC., a POEA-licensed recruitment agency, is offering an overseas job opportunity for 200 Filipino service crews to be deployed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Chosen applicants may pay their placement fee  through salary deduction.



Applicants will be chosen according to the following qualifications:

  • Male
  • 21 to 29 years old
  • At least high school graduate
  • With a minimum of 1-year work experience


Candidates may send their resume in  Word format via email or at Workabroad.ph’s page.  Kindly open this to see the complete job details and to send your application.


FVJ Overseas Placement, Inc. is also hiring for QA Manager (Saudi Arabia), Structural Engineer (Qatar), Carpenters (Saudi Arabia), and a lot more.

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Suspension: Ito Ang Napapala ng Mga Pasaway

Matapos magreklamo sa tanggapan ng POEA ang 38 na biktimang overseas applicants, sinuspende ng POEA ang lisensya ng All Overseas International Placement Co. Inc.

suspended recruitment agencies

Naglabas ng limang magkakaibang Order of Preventive Suspension (OPS) ang POEA laban sa recruitment agency. Ilan sa multiple offenses ng recruiter ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  • Recruitment without job orders
  • Collection of excessive fees, at
  • Failure to issue appropriate receipts

Ayon sa mga aplikanteng nagreklamo, pinangakuan daw sila ng agency ng overseas job as cleaners, housekeepers, waiters at waitresses sa Palau.  Siningil din sila ng tig-Php45,000 bawat isa bilang placement fee. Tinatayang 5 hanggang 9 na buwan silang naghintay pero hindi sila umano napaalis ng naturang agency papuntang Palau.


Napatunayan din ni POEA Admin Hans Leo Cacdac na walang approved job orders ang inaalok na trabaho  ng All Overseas International Placement Co. Inc. sa mga biktima.  Umabot ng Php1, 400, 000 ang nakolekta ng recruiter mula sa mga aplikante ng walang binigay na kaukulang resibo.


May reklamo ka din ba sa agency mo? Alamin kung paano magpafile ng complaint.


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