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Are You A Welder? You are Needed Abroad




Welders play an important role in a construction company. Pinoy welders are noted for their welding skills because they are meticulous and hardworking. This is why they are highly demanded for overseas jobs.


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Job openings abroad for Filipino welders


** For manpower pooling only. No fees to be collected during the application process. Mag-ingat sa mga illegal recruiter. **

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How OFWs can cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

If an OFW wants to live in Saudi Arabia and his Kafeel also wants to keep him, cancelling the final exit visa should be processed.

How OFWs can cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia


These are the requirements and procedures needed to process the cancelling of a OFWs final exit visa.

  1. Fill out the form that is needed to cancel the final exit visa.  The information provided should be the same information an OFW has in the passport.  A copy of the form can be obtained from the Jawazat office.
  2. After the form was completely filled out, OFWs need to bring the form to their Kafeel who processed their final exit visa.  The Kafeel must sign and stamp the form.
  3. OFWs must request a letter from their employer asking the Jawazat to cancel the final exit visa.  The letter should then be brought to and be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce in the city where the OFWs employer is registered.
  4. OFWs employer or representative should be present when processing the documents.
  5. If the OFWs iqama is already expired, fee for its renewal should be paid as well.
  6. Attach 2 photos with white background, a copy of the final exit visa, iqama and passport.
  7. Submit these requirements to the Jawazat office and follow the next instructions given by the officer.



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Pinoy DH and Nurses for Singapore, Malaysia and Kuwait

Here are the latest job openings in Singapore, Malaysia and Kuwait for Filipinos.

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OFWs in Riyadh, Here is Where You Can Seek Help

The Philippine Embassy office in Riyadh advises overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) not to hesitate approaching them or any officials if time comes that they need any assistance.  The Philippine Embassy is stationed in many Riyad to facilitate OFWs with documentation services, to protect them with their rights and to continue relationship with the UAE government.


seal embassy PE Riyadh


OFWs living and working in any of these six regions – Riyadh, Eastern, Qassim, Hail, Northern border and Al-Jouf – can contact the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh with the following contact information.



Philippine Embassy in Riyadh


Address: Diplomatic Quarter, Ummayah Abu As-Salat Street, Safarat, Riyadh

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 94366 Riyadh 11693

Telephone Nos:  482 3559 / 482 0507 / 482 1577

Fax No: (96611) 488 3945

Email:  rype@riyadhpe.com


Consular Section

Telephone Nos: 482 3816

Fax No: 488 3945

Email:  consular@philembassy-riyadh.org


Labor Attache- Riyadh

Telephone Nos: 483 2201 to 3

Fax No: (+96611) 483 2204

Mobile No: 053 602 7590

Email: polo_riyadh@philembassy-riyadh.org / polo-riyadh@riyadhpe.com


Labor Attache – Eastern

Telephone Nos: (013) 894 1846 / 894 2890

Mobile No:  050 126 9742

Email:     polo_eastern@philembassy-riyadh.org / polo-eastern@riyadhpe.com / polo_alkhobar@yahoo.com


Philippine Overseas Labor Office


Telephone Nos: (01) 483 2201 to 03

Fax No:  (01) 483 2204

Hotline: 00966 545917834

Filipino Workers’ Rescue Center – Bahay Kalinga: (01) 481 6448


We suggest that OFWs assign these important contact numbers on speed dial of their mobile phone so they can contact the embassy and concerned government office quickly whenever they need to.



Click here for overseas jobs in Riyadh.





Apply Now to These Job Openings in Malaysia!

Malaysia is a country in the Southeast Asia home to many Filipino migrants because of its short distance to the Philippines. Filipinos have found work and settled down in Malaysia with their families.

Just click on each job title to view more information.

job openings in Malaysia

Job openings:

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** For manpower pooling only. No fees to be collected during the application process.

Mag-ingat sa illegal recruiter. **

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