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Obvious Signs that the Overseas Job Offer is A Scam

These are the obvious signs that the overseas job being offered to a Filipino overseas job applicant is fake and not existing:


  1. An invitation to a 2-day seminar where participants are asked to pay Php3,800 in exchange of guaranteed employment abroad.
  2. May be offered by a “licensed recruitment agency” but the job being offered has no existing job order from POEA.
  3. Job looks promising. A job opportunity looks so attractive because it is open to everyone such as students, undergraduates, housewives, ex-OFWs, etc.
  4. It is complete with tempting offers such as “No placement fee, No processing fee, No salary deduction, No show Money and No experience required.
  5. Offers great benefits such as free accommodation and food allowance and that the only fees that they would collect are Php3,888.00 for visa interview coaching and Php5,000.00 for medical tests.
  6. The applicant is also required to pay Php500 or higher for the application form.


To avoid these kinds of scam, POEA Admin Hans Leo J. Cacdac is encouraging job seekers who have received such recruitment emails to forward the same to info@poea.gov.ph for verification and proper action by the POEA.


Remember: Immigration consultancy companies are NOT allowed to engage in the recruitment of Filipino workers abroad unless they have a license from the POEA.


Work and Live Abroad Safely

Hindi biro ang paghahanap ng trabaho sa labas ng bansa. Magmula sa gastusing dapat ilabas hanggang sa desisyong iwanan ang mga mahal sa buhay at pansamantalang manirahan sa banyagang lupain.

Kaya bago pa man magdesisyon, narito ang isang video mula sa POEA para sa ligtas at tamang pag-aabroad.

At para sa higit pang impormasyon para sa ligtas na pakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa, basahin ang Work Abroad Safely.

At para sa mga safe overseas jobs, magpunta lang sa www.workabroad.ph.


OFWs’ Long Queue in GAMCA Centers To End Soon

A concerned citizen took a video of how long Filipino applicants for overseas jobs wait in line to be able to undergo the required medical examination.

GAMCA or GCC Approved Medical Clinics Association, processes the examination for OFWs who are about to work in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. Any medical examination done from non-GAMCA clinics are invalid and unrecognized.

Luckily, the House committee on Overseas Workers Affair has now taken action to put an end to aspiring OFW’s sacrifice. Read more about this great news, OFWs Can Soon Choose Other DOH-Accredited Clinics.

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Pinoy Nurse Steals from Patient in California

Nurses are ought to care for their patient’s well-being and uplifting the nursing profession. But sadly, a Pinoy nurse had forgotten his pledge.

Filipino nursing assistant Maui Berganio in Southern California was arrested for using his elderly patient’s credit card to purchase online products.

The Pinoy nurse also admitted on using two previous patients account as well. Same offense is also being investigated since it has known that Berganio had previously worked in other healthcare facilities.


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OFW Guide: How to Deal With Issues of Saving Money

Saving and growing one’s money is a habit that everyone should start, but more so for OFWs because it would be very unfortunate if their sacrifices and hard work , would just be wasted.

Saving money though is not easy for many. Some issues that hinders an OFW from saving money are the following:

Question: How can I save money when I am full of debts?

Answer: Being in a worse financial state should strengthen rather than weaken your resolve tosave money. First accept the reality that saving is not possible at the moment because you need to pay your debts. It is better to forego saving for a while than suffer from charges. Give yourself time to settle and eliminate your financial debts. Start building your savings when you are finally debt –free.

Answer: I can’t save money, because my family in the Philippines keeps on asking for more money from me.

Answer:  The family back in the Philippines may ask more than you can give. They may also state reasons that would make it hard for you to say no to. Remember that it is always a good thing to help but giving more than you actually can may hurt both of you in the long run.

Giving them everything you have will teach them to be overly dependent on you. Meanwhile, letting them know your true financial situation can motivate them to manage on their own. So learn to say no by prioritizing your own needs too.

Note: The following is an excerpt from the E-book, “Grow Your Money and Enjoy Financial Freedom.”

Download the e-book for FREE to get
more advice on saving and growing money.

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