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POEA Advised OFWs Not to Use 2 Visas

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In pursuit of their dreams to give brighter future for their families, most overseas Filipino workers or OFWs will grab on anything just to be able to work abroad. These often results to being victims of scams, illegal recruitments and abuse in those foreign countries.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) released an advisory warning Filipinos about recruitment agencies using the double visa scheme to deploy workers abroad.

Some Filipinos set to leave for deployment to work abroad was found bearing two employment visas for two different jobs. They were stopped by the Bureau of Immigration from boarding the plane bound to Middle East countries.  The Filipino recruits were questioned and they admitted to knowing that their actual work is different from what is in the processed documents.

POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said that greedy recruiters from agencies like to use the double visa deployment scheme in order to avoid the protective system set by the government.  This often results to the abuse and exploitation of Filipino household service workers or HSWs abroad.

Cacdac also said that most Filipino HSWs who are in the safety of Migrant Workers and Filipino Resource Center in Dubai were deployed there using two visas.

Working abroad in this kind of deployment from recruitment agencies will make any Filipinos or OFWs undocumented, taking risks for their own safety and welfare in the foreign land.



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Overseas Job Seekers Target by Online Scams

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Once again, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA had reiterated its warning for Filipino jobseekers who wants to work abroad.

Online scams are seen prevalent on most social media accounts like Facebook.  POEA Anti-Illegal Recruitment Department lawyer Rosemari Duquez said that these types of online scams can be easily distinguished because of the discrepancies it promises to Filipino jobseekers.

According to Duquez, these social media scams usually:

  • Promise quick deployment;
  •  no experience needed;
  • no license required;
  • no placement or processing fees;
  • Hassle-free processing of their documents for working abroad.

Such social media scams intend to victimize Filipino jobseekers who want to work as nurses and caregivers in countries like Canada and Australia.  Many Filipinos are enticed to grab the offer because these first-world countries are rich and known to give higher salaries and better benefits.

POEA also said that companies or agencies behind these scams can only be reached through email and was not in POEA’s list of accredited agencies.

POEA further explained that all overseas Filipino workers or OFWs need to go through strict deployment so that the Philippine government can protect them against forms of injustices abroad.

The name of the recruitment agency, what their overseas jobs would be, and the name of the employer should be checked on POEA’s website to confirm their legality. POEA’s mobile application can also be downloaded to have access anywhere you are with your smartphone.

Filipino jobseekers and OFWs dealing directly with companies abroad are reminded that they still have to process their documents with POEA for issuance of job permits and to be documented overseas workers.


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DFA to Filipinos in Yemen: Leave Now!

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DFA Urges Filipinos to Leave Yemen Now

The Department of Foreign Affairs call out to Filipinos who are in Yemen to leave the war-torn country.  This was the DFA’s plea to OFWs last Tuesday, after raising the alert level in Yemen because of the continuing threat by the Houthi rebels in the city of Sana’a.  Alert level 3 was raised by DFA after attacks were made to civilians by conflicting separatists and members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Alert level 3 in Yemen means that the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE will impose a total deployment ban and the reiterated call for OFWs in Yemen to return to the Philippines.

And to help for the repatriation of OFWs and all Filipinos, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh had already sent a crisis management team in Yemen since it was under their jurisdiction.


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Prioritize your Health, OFWs

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If asked to choose between health and wealth, most Filipinos or OFWs will choose the first one. Apparently, this will be the obvious answer so as not to cause a stir and think of someone as money-minded.

Health, in every aspect should be the priority for everyone, especially OFWs who are working abroad. OFWs sacrifice everything just to provide better future for their family by overseas jobs. And most of the OFWs, though they’ve experienced bad experiences from foreign employers abroad, still decide to look for overseas jobs and work abroad again. This decision means taking risk in every aspect by working abroad – health, happiness, family, homesickness etc.

This is why Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) secretary Rosalinda Baldoz reiterated the call for OFWs not to take any risk by applying or entertaining employment or job offers from Ebola-hit countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. She further said that the deployment ban for these countries still exists, and OFWs paper will not be legally processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA for them to be sent to work abroad.

The announcement was made by DOLE secretary amidst report stating that there was a high demand for healthcare workers for deployment on the West African countries to aid the increasing number of patients with Ebola virus.

The total ban deployment was enforced by POEA last month as part of the preventive measure for OFWs to avoid being infected with deadly Ebola virus disease.

Also, a total deployment ban was imposed for newly-hired OFWs last July when the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) issued crisis alert level 2 on the three countries because of Ebola virus spreading.

This total deployment ban ordered by POEA includes the processing and deployment of returning OFWs even if they have existing employment contract in the Ebola-hit countries.

Filipinos, especially OFWs, should heed the call not to apply for overseas jobs in the West African countries greatly affected by the Ebola virus. You all have one goal, to earn much money for the family, but it would be useful if you’ll be infected by this alarming deadly disease that had claimed thousands of lives.




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POEA: This is for disobeying HSW rules

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suspended recruitment agencies

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) had always been keen in advising Filipinos who wants to work abroad about the different schemes used by recruiters. This includes recruiting Filipino applicants under a different job title than the intended overseas jobs they would have.


This is the reason why POEA suspended 4 recruitment agencies and its foreign employers who had been found guilty of bypassing government rules and regulations on recruiting Filipino household workers (HSWs).


POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac immediately ordered the preventive suspension of four recruitment agencies namely Easyway International Recruitment Agency, Marie Gold International Manpower Services, LBH International Placement Agency, and Chosen Divine Mercy Manpower Services.  These recruitment agencies have ‘committed misrepresentation upon submission for processing the POEA documents of their HSW applicants under different job titles’.


Aside from the recruitment agencies, Cacdac also ordered suspension of foreign agencies and employers to stop them from recruiting more OFWs as the investigation for the filed case of misrepresentation continues.


OFWs may see the list of those foreign recruitment agencies and employers below to verify if they’ve been also a victim of them so they can file a case at the POEA.


  • Al Hamidieh Restaurant
  • Al Mansoor Labour Supply
  • Perfect Hairdressing Salon
  • Mohammad Saifa
  • Legrab Almheire
  • Smart Filtration Solutions LLC and Saeed Hussan Abdalla Abnar
  • Dessert Star Fashion Sarjah
  • Al AMathar Al Jaya Beauty Salon
  • Universal Services Center
  • Al Massam Trading LLC
  • Al Najem Trading Services
  • Hellery Fashion
  • Aberda Fashion
  • Abu Baker Al Tuob Trading LLC
  • Julfar Services Office
  • 360 Beauty Saloon
  • Al Hamtoor Trading LLC
  • Yousuf Mahmood Mohd Al Mulla
  • Ahmed Muhammed Alteini
  • Aisha Bin Hendi
  • Mohi Din Abdulkadir Ibrahim Brhende Emitates
  • Mohammed Abbas Ali Bisho Albooshi
  • Mohammed Salman Al Mansooq
  • Hmmad Sultan
  • Ali Al Shehhi


To avoid abuse and exploitation, OFWs and HSWs should decline visas that indicate a different job title than what they really applied for, like that of a domestic helper.  According to Cacdac, these HSWs e deployed using another visa are “not ready to work as a household help because they have not undergone the process of training and certification and language and culture orientation”.


Recruitment agencies using the modus operandi of acquiring visa for another job title is usually for deploying recruited HSWs bound to United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Again, a reminder for all Filipinos seeking overseas jobs, to be vigilant when dealing with  recruitment agencies.  Check with POEA if they are licensed and have valid job orders.  Download POEA’s mobile app to have easy access wherever you are using your mobile phones. You can download the POEA mobile app on your Android and iOS phones.




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