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BM Online: The Easiest Way OFWs can get their OECs

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The Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC, also called the ‘exit pass’, is a requirement that needs to be presented on international ports of exit in the Philippines to prove that the person bearing it is a legitimate overseas Filipino worker or OFW.  The OEC is for any OFWs who are back to the Philippines for a vacation, and will be back again to the country where they are currently employed.

The OEC is also a requirement under the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA’s rules and regulations which would help guarantee that the OFWs are properly documented and protected. OFWs who have OECs exempt them from paying travel tax and the airport terminal fee.

OFWs that are on vacation, rehired or returning to the same employer, and those with existing record in the POEA database can use the Balik-Manggagawa  Online Processing System.  But Balik-Manggagawa’s that do not meet this criteria will be redirected to the BM Appointment page for the regular processing of OEC on the OFWS convenience, choosing their preferred date, time and processing site.

According to POEA administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac, the BM online facilitates the validation by the immigration officers at the airport of the OEC being presented by the OFW.

OFWs need to follow these steps for the BM online processing of their OECs.

  1. Go to http://bmonline.poea.gov.ph/ and register or sign up by filling up the boxes with the information needed under the “New User” category.
  2. Check the email you provided for the verification link.  OFWs must confirm the registration by logging in using the account email address and password you’ve entered.
  3. Verify your current OEC number.  Input your OEC number on the pop up box that will appear.  OFWs can also check the validity of their OEC number.  In case you don’t have with you at that moment your OEC or you can’t remember, you can just click OK and ESC to remove the pop up box.
  4. Input all the needed information.  Fill out all the box with the necessary information needed like:
  • Passport number
  • Expiration date
  • Visa number
  • Address
  • SSS number
  • PhilHealth number
  • Pag-IBIG number
  • Contact number
  • Beneficiaries
  • Employer details

5.Click the Save button.  After entering all the correct information needed, OFWs must not forget to click the save button so the BM online OEC application will be successful.

For OFWs who have applied for their OECs abroad, your OEC number will not yet be found in the BM online system.

OFWs that will use the BM Online will have to pay for the processing fee worth Php 100 and Php 19.50 for the e-payment service fee.


Watch the  BM Online Instructional Video.



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Filipino Become Instant Millionaire at Dubai

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Dubai is indeed a greener pasture for OFWs that’s why many are opting to look for overseas jobs here.  This is true for the lucky Filipino who had just won the Dubai Duty free promo last October 1, 2014.


Dubai Duty Free draws the latest $1 million winner of their Millennium Millionaire promo.  And the recipient of the ticket number 3948 drawn is a Filipino named F. Jackson.


Jackson can’t believe that he had won, saying that he ‘almost had a heart attack upon hearing that I just won one million dollars. Never in my wildest dream did I ever imagine to win such a huge amount of money.’


Three more winners were announced, each winning a luxury vehicle. Joining Jackson in the latest batch of lucky winners were Ranjith C.P and Soman Narayan who both won a Porsche 911 Carera Coupe and McLaren MP4 12C Coupe, and Marques Thierry who won a Ducati Monster 1200 motorbike.


Jackson said that it was the second time he bought a ticket in the million-dollar promo, along with his three colleagues.



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POEA: This is for disobeying HSW rules

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suspended recruitment agencies

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) had always been keen in advising Filipinos who wants to work abroad about the different schemes used by recruiters. This includes recruiting Filipino applicants under a different job title than the intended overseas jobs they would have.


This is the reason why POEA suspended 4 recruitment agencies and its foreign employers who had been found guilty of bypassing government rules and regulations on recruiting Filipino household workers (HSWs).


POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac immediately ordered the preventive suspension of four recruitment agencies namely Easyway International Recruitment Agency, Marie Gold International Manpower Services, LBH International Placement Agency, and Chosen Divine Mercy Manpower Services.  These recruitment agencies have ‘committed misrepresentation upon submission for processing the POEA documents of their HSW applicants under different job titles’.


Aside from the recruitment agencies, Cacdac also ordered suspension of foreign agencies and employers to stop them from recruiting more OFWs as the investigation for the filed case of misrepresentation continues.


OFWs may see the list of those foreign recruitment agencies and employers below to verify if they’ve been also a victim of them so they can file a case at the POEA.


  • Al Hamidieh Restaurant
  • Al Mansoor Labour Supply
  • Perfect Hairdressing Salon
  • Mohammad Saifa
  • Legrab Almheire
  • Smart Filtration Solutions LLC and Saeed Hussan Abdalla Abnar
  • Dessert Star Fashion Sarjah
  • Al AMathar Al Jaya Beauty Salon
  • Universal Services Center
  • Al Massam Trading LLC
  • Al Najem Trading Services
  • Hellery Fashion
  • Aberda Fashion
  • Abu Baker Al Tuob Trading LLC
  • Julfar Services Office
  • 360 Beauty Saloon
  • Al Hamtoor Trading LLC
  • Yousuf Mahmood Mohd Al Mulla
  • Ahmed Muhammed Alteini
  • Aisha Bin Hendi
  • Mohi Din Abdulkadir Ibrahim Brhende Emitates
  • Mohammed Abbas Ali Bisho Albooshi
  • Mohammed Salman Al Mansooq
  • Hmmad Sultan
  • Ali Al Shehhi


To avoid abuse and exploitation, OFWs and HSWs should decline visas that indicate a different job title than what they really applied for, like that of a domestic helper.  According to Cacdac, these HSWs e deployed using another visa are “not ready to work as a household help because they have not undergone the process of training and certification and language and culture orientation”.


Recruitment agencies using the modus operandi of acquiring visa for another job title is usually for deploying recruited HSWs bound to United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Again, a reminder for all Filipinos seeking overseas jobs, to be vigilant when dealing with  recruitment agencies.  Check with POEA if they are licensed and have valid job orders.  Download POEA’s mobile app to have easy access wherever you are using your mobile phones. You can download the POEA mobile app on your Android and iOS phones.




Click here for latest overseas jobs.

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Direct Flights to Riyadh and Dammam to Benefit OFWs

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After havng flights to Kuwait and Sydney, Australia last month, Cebu Pacific Air now have a new flight to benefit overseas Filipino workers or OFWs bound to Middle East.

Cebu Pacific Air launched its direct flights for OFWs to Riyadh and Dammam last week. This will be an addition to airline service provider to have direct flights from Manila to Riyadh, aside from Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Saudi Airlines (Saudia).

OFWs can now enjoy the thrice-a-week flight of Cebu Pacific Air to Riyadh every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights from Riyadh to Manila’s schedule will be every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Cebu Pacific General Manager for Long Haul Alex Reyes said they “will keep flying to where the Filipinos are”, and “are proud to offer even more Filipinos in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the fastest, most affordable way to come home,”.

Aside from direct flights to Dubai, Kuwait, Riyadh and Dammam, Cebu Pacific also flies to Sydney, Australia.


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At Last, PHL Gov’t to Aide OFW Rape Victim in KSA

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Finally, the Philippine Government had taken time to answer the call of an OFW rape victim in Saudi Arabia.
Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said that the Philippine Embassy is continuing its negotiation with the OFWs employer to pay for the hospital bill. However, if the employer refused to do so, the Philippine government “would consider releasing emergency funds to cover the bills.”

OFWs employers or sponsors should be the one to shoulder medical expenses of their Filipino employee as to what is stated in the labor contract both parties have signed. But since the OFW’s employer and medical insurance company declined to pay for his hospital charges, the Philippine government will refer the case to the Saudi labor office for proper guidance and consultation on what action should be taken.

The OFW expressed his longing to be back home in the Philippines with his family, who had no knowledge of what had happened to him in Saudi Arabia. DFA spokesman Jose said that the OFW is now ‘in good condition and out of danger’.


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