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Supplement Income by Working with Online Casinos?

Many Filipinos come to Canada with employment while others are still looking for extra income. There are many legit ways to supplement your income that are not scams. These are not get rich quick plans but meaningful ways to make an extra buck. For instance, you may be shocked to know that the online casino industry is huge. This is not to tell you that you should go and gamble all your money away, although there are some good guides that will help you to win. No, there are more steady ways to make some income online.


1. Write online content

There are plenty of industries that look for content writers or performers of small tasks on marketplaces like Fiver and Upwork. Start writing content in a specific niche for cheap and build up your client base and feedback. This way you can start charging more. A good example of such a niche is in the title of this article, online casinos. A lot of online casinos and review sites about online casinos, require thousands of pages of content per month. To see an example of a trusted information guide about online casinos, check out sites like this website. Read through the site and decide if you can write content like they have and try and contact some of the sites directly or sign up to Upwork and put up some examples of content you write online. Picking a niche is really important to get started as you can branch out from there once you establish a rapport.

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2. Data Entry and other online jobs

If you feel you cannot write content for online casino or something similar, there is a huge demand to do a variety of other tasks online.  You can also use Upwork and Fiver but you need to focus more on something tangible. That is where sites like Clickworker.com come in. It specializes in companies that require menial tasks being done on the internet. Spare time at home? Spend it making some money doing data entry and other such tasks.

3. Buy and Sell

The online marketplace has come to dominate the shopping landscape. If you are new to Canada you will quickly learn about Kijiji and Craigslist, as well as the more international marketplaces like Ebay. Many Canadians just want to get rid of their used belongings and are not out to make a profit on selling used goods. Often you will find posters just asking you to come pick up an item or will sell at a very low cost to get rid of it fast. If you have patience and some place to store the items, you will be able to turn these items over for a profit. For example, buy a nicely used BBQ in the fall and wait until the spring to sell it. It doesn’t have to be large either. Things like cables for phones or computers can be expensive unless people order from abroad, but that takes time. If they want a solution now, they will quickly look for the item on Kijiji and come by and buy it. A great market for buying and selling is the student market.  Every year there are thousands of students moving into, or out of, apartments and they need to either get rid of or buy a lot of items. Buy in June and sell in September these items specifically to the student crowd.



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