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Three ways to distract yourself from the election outcome

With the news of Donald Trump being the new President Elect, many are upset with the results of this election. For Filipinos working abroad in the United States, this has some particular ramifications. It is no secret that Trump is very much anti-immigration, as well as very racist. He has been known to say incredibly racist and untrue things about Filipinos and would have them banned from entering the United States in the future. This combination could have a negative impact on the futures of Filipino workers in the Unites State of America, as well as their families. Many are considering moving to Canada, with the Canadian website for immigration crashing earlier today due to extreme web traffic that the site could not support.

As a Filipino worker, residing in America –you may have some tough decisions ahead of you when it comes to assessing your future as a working in the USA. However, for today you may be in shock or denial about the outcome of the election and may want to retreat and not engage with the issues for the moment. This is totally normal as this election result has changed a lot. If for today you want to try to distract yourself from this nightmare, here are three suggestions.

Play online casino games

If you want to escape the chaos of the election results, I do not blame you. One good way to keep yourself busy and distracted is by playing Royal Vegas online casino games. With over 700 great games to choose from, you can play for hours on end and not have to deal with the less than ideal reality! Games offered include poker, blackjack, slots, roulette as well as casual games like Keno and Bingo. You will also receive a new player welcome bonus of $1200, which can really help you win more money than you would have won without it.




Watch a happy and funny movie

Sometimes a happy and funny movie that you really enjoy can be the trick to forgetting about the terrible things we hear in the news. Having a good laugh can really raise your mood and the general state of morale. Grab a bowl of comforting popcorn and sit back and relax. Good ideas for happy and funny movies include Anchorman, Zoolander, Little Miss Sunshine, The Hangover, and Wedding Crashers.

Do something fun with your family

In a time where a man so hateful has been elected to one of the world’s highest offices, it is a good idea to spend some quality time and do something fun with your family. Whether you go for a walk to the park or read stories to your kids tonight –try to do something fun to keep your mind occupied from everything that has just happened.

Hopefully, these three suggestions of activities to keep you distracted from the election results are helpful and provide some solace in this incredibly uncertain and difficult time we are now living in.

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