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Is this Real? No More Iqama Fee for OFWs in KSA?

Don’t rejoice yet, fellow overseas Filipino workers in Saudi. This may sound like good news, right? But not all OFWs will benefit in this ‘No Iqama Fee’ policy announced last June by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

The Iqama renewal fee for expatriates was lifted based on certain criteria that need to be met.

You are exempted from paying the SR 2,400 iqama fee if:

  • If you are an OFW who works for an SME and you’re one of the four expatriate employees.  An SME employs less than 10 employees.


Your iqama renewal is free if:

  • You are employed under a small and medium sized business in Saudi Arabia employing less than 10 employees. But this will only be applicable if the Saudi owner of the SME Company is working full time.

You are entitled to reimburse the iqama fee you paid if:

  • You are working in a company who have signed contracts with the Saudi government before November 15, 2012. The iqama fee they’ve paid in the previous two years are refundable.

Normally, OFWs employer will have to pay SR 2,400 plus the insurance, the iqama renewal fee of SR500, and some labor office fee.  This is still applicable if the OFWs’ company is not under the criteria of SME.

OFWs are reminded that their Kafeel or sponsor is the one to transact and pay for their iqama and it is against the Saudi Ministry of Labor if they fail to do so.

Saudi MOL also encourages OFWs to file an official complain if their Kafeel is delaying the renewal of their iqama, which is a necessary document for OFWs.


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