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In-Demand Hard to Fill Jobs,Job-Generating Industries

What are the most in-demand occupations in the Philippines? What are the jobs with many vacancies but competition is low because there are few qualified applicants? What are the industries or companies that are needing the most number of workers?

The recent updates in Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision, tries to provide insights to the said questions of jobseekers.  According to the press release published in the DOLE’s official, website, there are 13 Key Employment Generators (KEGs) in the Philippines:

Agribusiness, Construction, Information Technology/Business Process Management, Health and Wellness, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Banking and Finance, Mining, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing Ownership, Dwellings and Real Estate, Education, Power and Utilities

The government agency also identified 237 in-demand occupations. From this list, there are occupations are identified as cross-cutting occupations, which means it appears in more than one industry: Accountant, Appraiser, Cashier, Checker, Driver, Machine Operator, Mechanical Technician, Security Guard, Teller, Welder

There are also 138 hard-to-fill occupations, and from this list 8 occupations are seen to recur across all of the KEGS:
Chemist, CNC Machinist, Computer Programmer, Geologist, Heavy Equipment Operator, Medical Technologist, Pharmacist, and Surveyor.

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