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July 7 Deadline Stays for Undocumented Children in Saudi

The extension of the grace period for illegal workers in Saudi Arabia is not applicable to Filipino mothers with legal status but with undocumented children. The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh made it clear that Filipina mothers need to correct the status of their children on or before the July 7 deadline because their case requires a different process.

According to a statement from the Embassy, “The embassy stresses that the processing of the documentation for mothers and their children provided by the Saudi authorities is not covered by the royal order extending the correction grace period until November 3, 2013. This process is a special arrangement and is the first step in preparation for repatriation.”

It also stressed that mothers with undocumented children in Saudi cannot easily add their children to their residence permit or iqama if they find a new employer.

Philippine officials urged Filipinos to take the steps needed to correct the status of their little ones before the deadline.

The estimated number of those who need to be interviewed by local authorities are 400. However, data from the embassy showed that as of July 2, only 312 mothers and children are done with the interview process.

Filipinos working in Saudi who want to register their children are advised to immediately go to the Um Al-Hammam Field Office for initial processing and interview. After the interview, an Embassy staff would contact them to inform them the schedule of their DNA testing procedure.

For more information, one can send an email at rype@riyadhpe.com or call Ebrahim Zailon at mobile number 0559-250-419.


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