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Survey:Pinoys Not Satisfied With Their Salary Increase

Many Philippine companies may be giving their employees a yearly salary increase but it seems that majority of the workers are not satisfied with it.

This conclusion is based from the result of an informal survey conducted among site visitors of JobOpenings.ph, a site that features employment opportunities in the Philippines. The survey was also asked among the members of its Facebook community.

In the survey entitled “Do you get salary increase every year,” the answers of the respondents are almost even with 57% answering  Yes, they do get a yearly pay raise and 43% said No.

However a discrepancy is seen when those who answered “yes” are further asked if they are satisfied with the yearly raise their company provides. Apparently 69% of those who are given an increase are not satisfied with it as only 31% answered Yes. Majority of these respondents said that their salary increase by 5 to 10 percent and it is mainly based on work performance.

Read the rest of this news by clicking the link below:
Survey Says More PH Workers Are Not Satisfied With Their Salary Increase

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