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Canada to Give 3,000 Visas to Skilled Workers in 2013

Good news for all Filipinos who wish to work and live in Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is now accepting applications under their Federal Skilled Trades Program.

This new program is ready to grant up to 3,000 work visas to foreign workers who can fill job positions in the industry where Canada is currently undergoing skills shortage. The in-demand job positions are mostly for welders, plumbers, electricians and plumbers. They also need to hire workers for their construction and oil and gas industries.

As specified in the website of the CIC, here are some basic info about the Federal Skilled Trades program of Canada:

What is Federal Skilled Trades Class Visa

It is a program created for individuals who have the qualifications, skills and experiences to fill Canada’s trade skill shortages and contribute to the Canadian economy.

Basic Requirements

  • An employment offer in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory
  • Meet the official language requirements
  • Minimum of 2 years of eligibleexperience in a designated trade
  • Have the skills and experience required to perform the occupation in Canada
  • Health and character requirements.

Benefits of Federal Skilled Trades Class Visa

Foreign workers who will be granted a Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class visa will become permanent residents of Canada. They will be allowed to work, live and study in Canada on a permanent basis.

As a permanent resident of Canada, they would also be entitled to to government-subsidized education and healthcare, access to Canada’s labour market and associated insurance and pension benefits. They can also apply for Canadian citizenship and can sponsor family members to join them in Canada.


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