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How do You Celebrate Christmas as an OFW?

They say Christmas is happiest and is celebrated the longest in the Philippines. There is something about Christmas in the Philippines that is incomparable to a White Christmas in America, Europe or any other place. It is not surprising that many overseas Filipinos chose to go home during this time.

For Filipinos that would be nowhere near the Philippines on December 25, there are things that you can do to still feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Here are simple suggestions to feel closer in the Philippines even if they are miles away:

Call your loved ones in the Philippines. This is a perfect time to call your loved ones. Just hearing their voices and stories would surely bring a smile to your face and make you feel a part of their celebration. It is a good thing that international call rates for OFWs are much cheaper nowadays.

Schedule a video chat. You can eat noche buena as if you are together with your family even if you are working abroad, thanks to the power of technology. With lots of sits offering video chats, you

Send gifts to the Philippines. You may be in another part of the world but you can still send your gifts through various means.

Give gifts to your colleagues. You can spread love to your colleagues who are of different nationalities by giving them even small gifts.

Organize a Christmas party. You and your Filipinos friends or colleagues abroad can gather and celebrate together on Christmas day.

Do you have other suggestions for Filipinos who are celebrating Christmas away from home? We hope you can let us know your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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