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New Re-Hiring Policy for Foreign Workers in South Korea

The South Korean government has issued new policy on re-hiring of Filipino workers after they’ve agreed on the petition of 2,345 Filipino workers and 633 Korean employers which will take effect on July 2, 2012.


According to the revised Act on Employment of Foreign Workers, a foreign worker can now return to South Korea within 3 months and can go back to his/her former employer without undergoing to Korean Language Test.


Philippine Overseas Employment Administrator chief Hans Cacdac said that the petition was filed to the Ministry of Labor of South Korea during the renewal of the memorandum of agreement on the Employment Permit System (EPS) between Philippines and South Korea.


Administrator Cacdac also cleared that the new policy is valid for foreign workers whose employment contract of 4 years and 10 months will expire after July 2, 2012.


Cacdac also added that EPS workers can only return to their jobs in South Korea if they meet the following: 1. a new contract prior to re-entry to South Korea. 2. No employment transfer during the employment period except for justifiable causes such as revocation of employment permit issued to an employer, or any violations of the required working conditions. 3. They sector they work for still continue to experience labor shortage.




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  • hunt

    how about EPS workers will finished thier contract 6 years i want  to know if they are included in this new policy

  • Romeodargantes

    good day….we are very happy the good news about the new policy of south korean government but the problem is the philippines government…they keep on telling or posting the no placement fee policy but still we pay a big amount of money for us to work abroad..if the government want their people to have work abroad they must help us…besides here in abroad no age limit to be required but if we apply in our own country/agencies they have this kind of policy..correct me if I”m wrong..thank you

  • 1234

     yes you are correct in abroad their is no  age limit as long as you can work, but here in our very very own country they always emplement the age limit. as for me now im already 34y/o i will take the exam for eps-klt this coming march 18,2012 if i ever past the exam maeemploy kaya agad ako paano kung hind how long i will wait to be employ and the expiration of the eps-klt exam is 2yrs how about if that two years are still no employment i will becoming 36y/o na…..hay naku paanu aasinso tayong mga pinoy kung mismong mga gobyerno ang nagpapahirap sa atin….kawawang pinas walang asinso.gobyerno maawa ka sa mga taong pilipino nagiging pipino…jokejokejoke….but 8’s true.:-(((((

  • Jerome_palmiano

    hi mam im willing to apply how will i go there i have all documents that you need it yhank you.

  • Johnchomis

    This new re hiring policy must be applied to all eps workers having 4yrs. and ten months contract especially the 2007 and 2008 comers because that year was affected by global crisis and one more,it is too short term contract compared to those having 6yrs. contract……..Some workers with 4yrs. and ten months contract had already finished and sent back to thier countries and yet some workers with 6yrs. still working….unfair!

  • Ldacao

    a pleasant day….yes that’s good for who does who have a good job situation in their respective company. but how about us, even this company have no violation from the MOEL but the type of job is very difficult. so we need to change our working place/company. 

  • im came from s.korea and my employer need my experience in her company but my problem im over 40 yrs old but our labor here in philipine they have a limit.always to call me here my employer and said always need my work becouse im only to know to make the product of here company
    im roldan G.kampitan eps from 2005 up to 2011

  • maria logrono

    helloo, I want to work in korea, any position that will fit to my ability will okay for me, I graduated last 2013.. hope to hear from your agency soon. thank yuou.

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