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5000 Nurses & Other Medical Workers Needed in Saudi

Nurses who are looking for an overseas job opportunity may be happy to learn that one alternative destination for them is Saudi Arabia. Reports say that 5,000 job positions are waiting nurses and other hospital staff in Saudi Arabia. The projected job order for nurses in Saudi Arabia is for this year alone.

What are the benefits?

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  • luis

    what is the requirement for nurses who want to work in saudi

  • Ljarevalo_konstrak

    is there any opportunity to nurses just past the licensee exam ,, 

  • Ann702011

    for the gov’t hosp. mostly, u should have a 3 year experience and  a holder of saudi council license for professional

  • Rhacky_1812

    is there any opportunity to work in saudi who is not yet board passer…like nursing aide or any office work..im an accounting grad year 1987 and at same time a nursing graduate year 2008..

  • desperate-nurse

    yeah,right.But where to apply and what are the requirements.If you post something,please give us the full details so we the so called abused professionals here in the phil-nurses will not have again false hopes.

  • desperate-nurse

    yeah,right.But where to apply and what are the requirements.If you post something,please give us the full details so we the so called abused professionals here in the phil-nurses will not have again false hopes.

  • OFWAbroad

    hi there. please read the full article. anyway here’s a link to job openings for nurses abroad: http://www.workabroad.ph/list_specific_jobs.php?by_what=specialization&id=57

  • Medic730

    I am already 52 yrs old Registered Nurse Can I still apply for caregiver in Japan?

  • she

    yes, unless you are a muslim. even you’re not a board passer you can work there.

  • peter

    i am civil engineer board passer can i work in kingdom hospital??

  • Rosevi14

    how i wish to go@work to any hosp in uae,i’m 42 of age@cssd technician@7years expriense.local@abroad.i don’t have work here@money.how can i go@work there.i hope somebody will help me!

  • Cheri_petros

    I am Registered Radiologic Technologist,ask of now my position is Ultrasound Tech.and mammographer.Is there any opportunity to work again in Saudi arabia even I’m 50 yrs. old now?

  • trainee

    my problem is I can’t find a job abroad who will consider my experience as a nurse trainee.

  • mhae

    I want to work abroad.. I am a nurse  I have almost 3 years working experience in rehabilitation elderly/ psych and several clinics.. But doesnthave hospital experience.Hope somebody will help me….09323837691

  • Ricky_eleuterio

    does tertiary hosp[ital experience necessary?

  • Malakara

     just stay home for better sake….

  • Geko

    bank perhaps…….

  • jhaniz

    i want to work abroad.im graduate of midwifey.i have experience in hospital,medical clinic,and currently work at medical and diagnostic center..im handling deliveries with supervision of physician and iknow how to handle  ECG and blood extraction and etc.but i have no license im under supervision of physician.hope you help me to work in your company/hospital..im interested to work other country.pls.contact.09392306828.email.bonjour0888@yahoo:disqus .com

  • Corazon_eugalca

    check with other agency, some private hosppital are hiring under board as nurse assistant…look for that position good luck

  • Lazmap

     I have been working in Dubai for the past 5 years but now i can not find a job in places like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, I have the experience in Restaurant  Management, How can i get the help

  • Cmontante

    did somebody help me I’m a registered nurse, I also have my hospital in a tertiary hospital with 250 bed capacity but my problem is I only have my 1 year and 2 months experience there as a staff nurse pwd b doctorin nlng ung coe to make 2yrs haist..sama ng mga ugali ng staff dun s hospital n napasukan q.09464088928 tnx..

  • Dakz03

    yeah take the job and you’ll be fired out soon. LOL ..saudization started in the western part and I know several nurses were sent back to the Philippines. .Good luck to all the people who wishes the worst place to be in.

  • darkhorse_25

    medical  technologists job anyone knows? i only got  1 year experience in  the field

  • hi
    i am jawid 26 yrs old i am X-Ray tech. i have 4 yrs experience.
    my email add (  jawidoreia@yahoo.com )

  • i am jawid a X-ray Tech 26 yrs old. i have 4 yrs experience.
    My email add jawidoreia@yahoo.com

  • RA love to work abroad

    im 26yrs.old and 3yrs experience as Research Assistant,im not college graduate,i know how to handle ECG and Pulmonary Function Test…

    im good in communication skills and good in documentation of file..
    i have a experience in Clinical trials in the Hospital…i want to work abroad…I enjoyed working in the hospital…i hope u can help me..pls email me at feibino@rocketmail.com or txt/call me at 09226215329 

  • pdn_ekay

    i am a graduate of BSN but haven’t take the board yet because of my birth certificate problem…i have work experience as PDN..pls do help me.i want to work abroa….

  • johnston

    i am a graduate of BS-Accountancy, i was working in a government office for causal position at the province from 2004-2007 as administrative assistant and do accounting work and i do volunteered for NGO’s projects, and working as accounting officer from 2007 at the private company in Laguna. Can u help me because i want to go work abroad.

  • Emerywentmanonogrn

    where can we put our application?

  • Bryan

    i have 1 year hospital experience just recently .. is there anyway that i can work in middle east considering my experience not that long . i am a registered nurse …

  • shirlyn

    im underboard nurse and have no working experience yet do u have any available work dat fits on me

  • Mtulan

    i want to work abroad. i worked as medical trancriptionist. i am working as company/project nurse. I have a multitasking in current company. I want to work abroad which is safe and good compensation and benefits package.. Email me at mtulan@gmail.com

  • princes

    wer can i aply as a nursing aide or assistant nurse

  • Edezaalbuera

    i am a rgisterd nurse and also wanted to work abroad..i attended trainngs and only had 1 yer nd 3 mos hosptal xperience an.i checked some agency’s but dey r requiring atlest 2yers hospital xperience.

  • Alpee01

    I’m a registered nurse, i want to work abroad as a nurse but i don’t have any hospital training yet. Though I’ve work as a doctor’s secretary for 6 months and she take me with her in the OR and DR to assist her every time she has a case or a baby to deliver. Is there any possibility that i might get hired?…

  • Shariff Al-aznarl

    I’m currently looking for a job in K.S.A.
    I’m a registered nurse with 3 years of experience in the field of nursing/healthcare assigned in emergency department, i have taken the prometric exam(saudi licensing exam for health specialist) certificate and passed it last may 2011.

  • Mahjia

    Advised only to those who are seeking job for mid east, just go to registered agency in manila, like Abba, Mega manpower & Skills… coz I was employed by that said currently Im in here ksa.

  • christian

    Is there an opportunity for unprofessional nursing graduate? for example nursing aide?

  • Bongleonardojr

    Please do give a chance to under board nurses like me to work in your hospital !!! we need to work for our family and experience what course we graduated… consider us…

  • kirt

    male 26 has 4 years exp in OR/DR/PACU

  • diovy picana

    im a graduated 2008 BSNursing but i cant passed the exam for nursing yet,but i have an experieced as a PRIVATE NURSE for ONE year to ENGR.TEjano..i want go abroad.plz help.wat can i do?tnx.
    I have an opportunity to go abroad if i dont have yet license as nurse?

  • diovy m picana

    im a graduated 2008 BSNursing but i cant passed the exam for nursing yet,but i have an experieced as a PRIVATE NURSE for ONE year to ENGR.TEjano..i want go abroad.plz help.wat can i do?tnx.
    I have an opportunity to go abroad if i dont have yet license as nurse?

  • Cristeta A.Mangalindan

    I would like to apply as a Staff MIdwife or Nursing Assistant in the KIngdom of Saudi Arabia in Dammam or Al Khobar site. Thank u for your kind response to my letter.

  • Christineheartcastillo

    is there any opportunity to work in singapore like nursing aide..

  • July


    I am interested to apply and work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am a Registered Nurse,
    31 years old, and presently working in a Government Hospital for 9 years
    and 8 months and promoted as a senior nurse just for this year. I also have a part time job as a Clinical Instructor and
    Clinical Coordinator at the same time in the State University for 7
    years (up to the present). With my hospital experienced, I was assigned
    in Medical/Surgical Ward, Pediatric Ward, OB Ward, ER, Isolation Ward in
    Rotation basis and handled patients with different Medical Conditions.

    I can work in a different situation with less supervision, and willing to help when needed.

    Am I qualified to apply here? (jgobz_rn@yahoo.com.au)

    Hoping for your positive response regarding these matter.
    Thank You and God Bless You All!!!

  • Johanna Mae M. Pinagayao

    Is there a work available for Filipino Registered Nurses with no experience?its difficult to acquire experience now in Philippines..

  • Shahnawazbaig

    i shahnawazbaig dental technician  working in ksa dammam .already i pass saudi concil exam .i need good offer.thanks

  • einalem

    is it possible for me to go back to KSA though i didnt finished my 2nd contract in my previous employer in KSA also?

  • lilibeth c. bando

    I want to apply as Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide in Saudi Arabia in Damman or Al Khobar.just i finished my 2 years contract plus 3 years extension in King Khalid Hospital in Al Kharj KSA 2months ago. i already have saudi council.
    thank you very much and i will wait for your response…

  • Sakuragi

    where?this post is usesless.theres no hiring

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