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Reminder To Succesful EPS-KLT Examinees

The successful examinees of the 6th Korean Language Test are reminded to immediately submit to the POEA their fit-to-work medical certification from any DOH-accredited clinic for their names to be included in the List of Jobseekers for EPS-Korea.

List of EPS applicants with offer of employment as of May 12, 2010.

EPS-Korea applicants presently in the HRD Korea Roster of Filipino workers (construction and agriculture sectors) as of May 17, 2010: Please submit to the POEA Government Placement Branch a copy of your valid passport as soon as possible.

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  • thess

    When is the next EPS-KLT examination after the 6th eps klt?

  • carmela

    hi thess. thanks for the comment. there is no schedule yet for the next EPS-KLT. will post it here at once when the announcement for the next sched comes out.

  • elvira atienza

    When is the next posting if there is an employment offer to 6th klt successful examinees ?

  • dan

    how does the employer know your profile,like educatonal backgroumd and previous employment.what i remember is poea only required copy of passport and medical certificate.

  • carmela

    hi there. i think the POEA will be the one to contact individuals with a job offer. if you are one of the successful examinees, you can do a follow up by calling POEA at 722-1144 or 722-1155.

  • manny

    do i require for another registration to http://www.eregister.poea.gov.ph since that i already registered last January 2010. thanks

  • carmela

    hi manny. there is no announcement yet from POEA. it may take a while though before they schedule another exam. anyway i will surely post it here so please visit this blog regularly for the updates 🙂

  • carmela

    hi manny. i don’t think you need to register again, you just need to update your account at POEA Manpower Registry. thanks for visiting OFWAbroad 🙂

  • beck

    there are rumors on the 7th klt exam??is it true??this coming october..

  • carmela

    hi beck. there are no reports yet about the 7th KLT.

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