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Latest Jobs For Filipinos in Canada

As of Mach, 2010), WorkAbroad.ph has a listing of 33 job openings and 662 vacant positions for Filipino workers in Canada. Here are some of the latest job openings in Canada:

Hotel Workers for Canada, Canada

Caregivers for British Columbia, Canada

Registered Nurses for British Columbia, Canada

Skilled Workers for Canada, Canada

Supermarket Workers for Canada, Canada

Click here to know more about these job openings for Canada and to submit an application.

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  • Edgardo M. Diolola

    Good day to you, Carmela.
    At present I am still job hunting at age 55 years old, I just came back home from Kuwait last February 3, 2010. I worked from there starting year 2004 up to 2010 for two employers. My work or field of action is Electromechanical Technician, last three years I was holding a position of Maintenance Supervisor in Kuwait Food Company from year 2007 up to year 2010. I wish to have still employed abroad to earn a living to support my family. My work is focusing on food manufacturing machines maintenance for mechanical and electrical fields, doing overhauling and troubleshooting jobs and electrical installations on motors and controls, aside from supervisory function, i am doing the two jobs hands-on. Can you find a vacant position that fits my fields?
    Thank you very much for the very kind attention regarding this request.

  • richard

    i am intersted to work in canada,, i am a skilled worker, electronics, computer electrical works and any technocal job.thanks…..


    i am interested to work in canada i am skilled as a carpet installer PVC/vinyl sheet or wood parquit installer

  • carmela

    Hi Sir Edgardo, you can look for an overseas job here: http://www.workabroad.ph. Searching for jobs in this site is easy because it is sorted by by specialization, by country, etc. Good luck on your application and God bless!

  • ryan ricohermoso

    I like to work on Canada, i am BSAH Grad, but i cannot find work on canada.
    i hope ill find someday.

  • carmela

    hi ryan. good luck on your job application. here’s a link of the latest jobs in Canada: http://www.workabroad.ph/list_specific_jobs.php?by_what=country&id=962

  • Hi ma’am Carmela! Iam a graduate of BS Chemistry and woth more than 25 years of experience in a food manufacturing company. At present, Iam currently holding the position of a QA/R&HEAD in a puree manufacturing plant but Iam already 55 years old. Can I still apply ffor a job in Canada? Please advise. Thanks and regards.

  • i am interested to apply and work in Canada with may wife but one of our goal is to have a permanent work there and to bring my family and be a citizen. Is it possible? pls.advise. tnx!

  • carmela

    ni ryanlen. yes this is possible as long as you meet and qualify all the requirements of the Canada immigration.

  • Jerry

    i am interested to apply and work in Canada, im here right now in Dubai, i work as administrator cum Secretary.I’m also a caregiver graduate. Ms. Carmela, kindly advice me what would be my first step. Hope you can help me. More power and God bless.

  • carmela

    hi to all those who posted comments. sorry that i can’t reply to all your inquiries as soon as possible. anyway, most of your inquiries are regarding job offers in Canada. i suggest you visit this link: http://www.workabroad.ph/list_specific_jobs.php?by_what=country&id=962

    further inquiries can be made to the agency that posted the job opening. The contact details of the agency are provided in the job opening. Thanks to all of you for the visit and the comments.

  • Maribelle

    hi, i would like to apply as a sales clerk in canada. I have 2 yrs experience as a sales clerk. could you please help me? please send me your answer through my email. Thankk you

  • carmela

    hi maribelle. thanks for the visit. please visit this site and register: http://www.workabroad.ph
    you can search for jobs and send your application there. good luck!

  • Acknowledgement for all concern Government Officers:
    I just want to comment regarding why we oversea workers need not to go thru a legal PROCESS and we prefer a visit entry for it is the easiest and cheapest way for going oversea. Why not the POEA require a simplier process so that the applicant will not be hard up to go thru the mess of spending lot of effort going back and forth to your office specially from far places who are spending much for travel and to elliminate the agency employees asking more for just a fast speed of process.

  • carmela

    Thank you for your comment Mayett. POEA requires a rigorous process kasi the business of sending workers abroad is so risky. anyway sana nga ay magkaroon ng sub-offices ang POEA sa mga provinces.

  • claro

    hi,im intersted to work in canada,im skilled worker,heavy and light mechanic,im still her in ksa,and my contract will end this april,,can u give me some referral,relited to my skilled,this is my email guarinojrclaro@yahoo.com,,tnx


    Hi Carmela, im jedahleen and im interested to apply and work to canada, what would be the 1st thing to do? so that i can start applying and process all the documents needed,

    thank you and hope to hear from you…

  • Jhun2880

    good day, I AM Juanito Sto. Domingo,and resaiding in the philipines im
    willing working in canada,  Ash a company draiver , family draiver  or
    house keperin in hotel amy kaind of work in hotel .kindly please inform
    me if there
    are vacancies here my email add. jhun2880@ yahoo.com.ph or my contact number. 09996504593/ 0909334318264…  

  • Moazamahmad

     hey hru i am moazzam khan from  pakistan i want job i am heard worker

  • Eric R. Burato

    Dear Sir/Madam, Greeting!I want to work in CanadaI wish to apply for any available position or skilled jobs that fit my experiences. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.I am exposed in the field of Community Antenna Television Industry, Telephonyand Internet Data Services. Cable copper lay-outing and constructions and even CopperCable designing and Fiber Optic Splicing and Lay-outs. Satellite orientationsand Head-end Control and Outside Plant Operations, High-rise Building andResidential dwelling Electrical wiring installation and maintenance.  The following skillsI am able to:•           Read andinterpret electrical drawings and circuit diagrams.•           Assemble,install, troubleshoot, and repair electrical wiring and  control devices.•           Providetechnical assistance and resolution.•           Worktogether with other Technicians/Engineers and individuals to solve and definethe deviations of problems.•           Work aloneor as part of a team•           Analyticallyminded, technically disciplined with excellent problem solving skills•           Foster andmaintain professional internal, client and third party relationships•           Showsinitiative•           Work underpressure•           Enthusiastic•           Adaptable;willing to learn latest technologies•           Resourceful;works with limited resources•           Able toorganize work flow processes to achieve efficiency•           Re-prioritizewhen new issues arise, to ensure a timely response•           Communicateacross disciplines and within appropriate sphere of influence•           Knowledgeablein Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point and Internet applications.•           Knowledgeableto regulations pertaining to Basic Safety and Health Hazards in the premises. I am very glad tolook forward your favorable considerations.My CV/Resume is available anytime you want to read to have it for further perusal. This is my email add: mcburs_02@yahoo.com for inquiries. I am looking forward speaking me soon , my cel# 0907-4639409/ Landline: 043-723-8131Thank you very much.            Sincerely,Eric Burato EE,BSN

  • Khristofermallari

    hi sir.madam goodafternoon i need job any vacant position and i have experiences like factory worker and delivery helper and housekeeping and production staff .thank u so much 

  • anonymous

    Hi Sir/Ma’am, Good Morning. Do you have vacant jobs for Hotel in Canada? 

  • Maryjoan1020

    hi mam sir yes i willing to work in austrilia in canada.

  • cherin apejas

     hi sir,mam im cherin do you have vacant im installer of carpet call me im willing 09482262574

  • Good day Ma’am. If you’d like to post listings on our site we do them for no charge over in this URL http://bili.ph/jobs-for-filipinos

  • Remigio A. Delo Jr.

    good day, I AM Remegio A. Delo Jr.,and residing in the philipines im
    willing working in canada,  As a company driver , family driver  or
    house kepein in hotel or any kind of work in hotel .kindly please inform
    me if there are vacancies here my email add. Remigio_SecgenNL1yahoo.com  or my contact number. 09064740184/ 09214718425

  • Analiza C. Ido

              I am Analiza C. Ido,  40yrs old
    and presently residing at East-Poblacion, Garcia-Hernandez, 6307 Bohol,Philippines.
    I am married and a mother of 11 years old boy. I am an Elementary Grades
    Teacher here in our home country since August  1997 up to the present.  Year 2008, I filed a 6 months personal leave
    of absence to enroll a caregiving training course. Luckily, I finished the 6
    months training.

    I am seeking for a challenging position in the field of caregiiving. In
    this connection, I am looking for an employer that needs my services as a
    nanny/live in caregiver  to take care of
    their children and the rest of their family members.  I am honest, responsible and hardworking
    person. I can work under pressure. I can do light household chores, laundry,
    shop for food and household supplies etc.

    My records and my practical training experiences which I have received
    makes me feel reasonably confident that I could be of material assistance to
    you. I believe that response will enable you to determine definitely my fitness
    for the position that you are in need. Please contact me at my email address
    (analizacuadraido@yahoo.com) for my resume and  other
    training certificates for your request any time most convenient to you.

            Thank you very much.

  • Jerriely31

    is another nationalities can apply in work abroad?

  • Yani

     your name sounds familiar to me..are you from BIT? 🙂

  • Erlinda B. Bolo

               I am Erlinda B. Bolo 40 yrs old recently residing at Valencia bukidnon.I am working as Pharmacist of Rose Pharmacy Inc.I am searching for higher income to sustain my two children in their studies  I am not choosy when it comes to work as long as it is not illegal.
              If i may be given a chance to work in your country i will do my best to meet your standards and be a law abiding employee.

  • Vilmabagunu

    hi sir,mam im vilma bagunu do you have vacant office / accounting staff. I’m interested to apply if you have vacant pls. call me im  willing to apply my contact no.09067313516


  • Brigetttambalos

    hi SIR?MAM
     I AM BRIGET TAMBALOS AND 27 YEAR OLD, SINGLE, I LIVE IN mandaya village talomo davao city. and i just infromation to you i already experiance my working in KUWAIT FROM OFW two year ..so I WANT APPLY FOR OFW IN CANADA. I GIVE you my email brigetttambalos@yahoo.com hope you are help consider thanks you ..

  • Felix I. Odias, Jr.

    Hi, Im Felix I. Odias, Jr., Im currently working and living here in 2368 Al-Hilal, Qassim, Boraidah, K.S.A, Im holding a position as Private Caregiver since Agust 14, 2011, my contract will be finished on August 14, 2013. I am very interested to apply in other country like Canada… Please help me you contact my mobile no. +9660535227379, my email add : Felix_odias@yahoo.com. Thanks and more power!

  • marcelino

    good day Sir,Maám

    My name is marcelino borja from Manila Philippines.

    Please call me if you have a job opening regarding a light driver. I work here in manila for almost 12 yrs already., please do help me to feed my family. my email add is: markgb1524@yahoo.com

    thank you so much

  • sergio Badialan

    Good day Sir/ Maddam

    My name is sergio badialan from manila philippines.

    I want to work in canada for Construction like pipe fitter, warehouseman, Technical secretary. I was work in saudi arabia as a technical secretary in King Fahad Military Hospital under the Company of Areel construction and Industrial Ltd. From 2006 to 2011.

  • Jhay-r

    Subject: applicant for mechanical fitter
    Applicant here from Bahrain seeking for a mechanical fitter job overseas had experience total of 10 yrs. In heavy mechanical plant equipment like conveyor, hydraulic and pneumatic control valves, overhaul equipment like type of pump, smelting equipment, furnaces, overhead crane, forklift, preventive maintenance, Installation, fabricate, assembling fan and blowers. I am very proud and qualified for any related mechanical work. Hope to hear from you.

  • Jhay-r

    Subject: applicant for mechanical fitter
    Applicant here from Bahrain seeking for a mechanical fitter job overseas had experience total of 10 yrs. In heavy mechanical plant equipment like conveyor, hydraulic and pneumatic control valves, overhaul equipment like type of pump, smelting equipment, furnaces, overhead crane, forklift, preventive maintenance, Installation, fabricate, assembling fan and blowers. I am very proud and qualified for any related mechanical work. Hope to hear from you.

  • Macario Simbulas Jr.

    Good day sir/madam,
    I would like to apply in canada as a auto body collision technician,i have
    19 years experience as a auto body collision technician[Car Denter],so
    please lineup me for a certain interview,i’m interested to work in canada
    email simbulas.macario@gmail.com
    contact no; +973-33730246

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