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POEA Clarifies Reports of Job Orders For USA and Guam

According to the POEA chief, Jennifer Jardin-Manalili the reports saying that the 13,360 approved job orders for USA in 2009 is not only for nurses. The number includes jobs for other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapist and pharmacists. It also covers available jobs for information technology workers and hospitality workers.

Manalili added that until now, the 13,360 job orders are yet to be filled up. Only
876 (6.5%) out of the 13,360 orders were taken because America is currently experiencing visa retrogression.

The government agency also clarifies reports that appeared in some newspapers regarding job openings for construction workers in the US. The POEA said that there is no demand for construction workers in the US Mainland market. Rather the job orders are for the construction of a military facility in Guam. A new facility is needed for the transfer of the US military base from Okinawa Japan to Guam.

It has been reported that the recruitment for Guam is set to start early this year but according to POEA, the hiring may not happen anytime soon. This is because of the new developments affecting the US and Japan on the issue of a replacement facility for the Futenma Marine base in Okinawa, Japan.

The POEA also informed that there is no truth to the report that there is a demand for Filipino workers in the oil and gas industry of America. You can check the list of approved job orders here: http://www.poea.gov.ph/cgi-bin/JobVacancies/jobsMenu.asp

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  • niller namoc

    • Sir / Madam. I am 32 years old TESDA or Technical Education And Skills Development Authority,WELDING SMAW training.I can be of reach thru mobile # 0920-2169-411

  • Edgar_garciano

    paano kami makapa sa ielts ang hirap ng exam ang work lang ay construction.piro kong ang exam parts lng sa work ok lng hndi eh at mahirap makapasa lalo na sa aitin ngayon na ang ielts ginagawang nesgoyo.dapat kayong mga employer na uastraliano kng kailangan kayo ng workers.dapat mag intervw kau para malaman ninyo ang alam ng tao.kng basihan ang ielts hndi kau makaoha ng maraming tao sa pinas.kong exam.dapat part sa work mo.mga agency sa pinas aang ielts isang negosyo.lalo na kng part nang canada lalong negosyo.mga employer wag kau magpakatanga sa pinas.ofw poae tingnan ninyo ang mga agency sa pinas lalo na east weast maraning taong niloko dyan.bakit pa kasama pa sa top10th.dahil malaaki ang datong sa poea.
    president sana maayos mo yan maraning naghirap unalis sa pinas piro niloko sa mga agency una maycontract ba tayo nang 10hrs a day hindi 8 hrs dapat 48hrs a week lng.ang poea ba ay punawag sa 10hrs bkit napermahan yan.tingnan ninyo ang east weast yong contract sa kenzt company.

  • Jgr1976

    i was hired by one of agency here in the phils.last nov.2011 and at the same time i pass my medical exam to work in guam as electrician….until now im still here in the philippines waiting for that visa….apparently my agency noted us that they cannot deploy us as early because of that agreement and developments of US and JAPAN….so until when we have to wait for this oppurtunity?is there still a chance to work,or not at all?

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