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Paramedics/Nurses, Physicians needed in Saudi Red Crescent

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority (formerly Red Crescent Society) based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs a total of 300 male Paramedics/Nurses (200), Physicians (100).

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Male, preferably with BS Diploma
  • With at least 2 years diploma after high school
  • Worked as member of an ambulance team
  • Mastery of resuscitation techniques and medications
  • Not more than 50 years old

Physicians (Specialists and Consultants in Emergency, Medicine, General Surgery, Traumatology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care):

  • Male
  • Doctor of Medicine Graduate
  • With Board License
  • With at least 2 years training in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
  • Not more than 50 years old

Interested and qualified applicants may personally submit the following documents in a long folder:

  • detailed resume with job description,
  • photocopy of school credentials/records,
  • employment certificates (past and present),
  • photocopy of the first page of the passport
  • six (6) pieces of 2×2 photo taken within ten (10) days from date of advertisement

Submit the above requirements at the:
Manpower Registry Division, Window I,
Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople Building (Formerly POEA Bldg.),
Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA,
Mandaluyong City

You may also register online at www.poea.gov.ph. Original documents must be presented upon registration. Start of registration is on November 16, 2009.


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  • Medic 53

    I am interested ot apply for this position. Is this position still open? Can I pass my documents here in Davao City? Please reply on my email. Thank you very much..

  • carmela

    hi medic. you may contact POEA at 722-1144 or 722-1155. good luck!

  • medic 53

    I visisted the saudi red cresent website and applied for the EMT B position thru their online application. I have also attached my formatted resume and photocopy of my certificates. Do I still have to submit hard copy of my document to the POEA Manpower division or SRC would contact them after the evaluation of my online application. Thank you very much….

  • carmela

    recruitment for this job opening is handled by POEA. i suggest you register at POEA Manpower registry and upload your resume and credentials there.

  • medic 53

    The recruitment for EMT was already over. I applied on SRC thru their website but ot no avail. They (SRC) were here in the Philippines last January for the interview of applicants and called all who passed their resume at the POEA manpower registry. I didnt pass a resume assuming my online application at the SRC website would be given priority and evaluation but I wasnt called. Hope they would have an additional hiring for EMT in the near future. Please email me (achilles0873@yahoo.com) if you have such information. Thanks

  • carmela

    Okay, maybe the job was really not meant for you. you can search for other job openings at http://www.workabroad.ph. And i hope you will continue to visit this website for regular updates on working abroad. Good luck!

  • tadz

    hi!!! does the red crescent still in hiring for physicians? im dr. Tadz san Gabriel

  • carmela

    Hi Dr. Tadz. The job opening for Saudi Red Crescent is already closed. Will post here new job opening for the said company if ever there will be any.

  • WARNING!!!!

    SRCA changes your contract after you arrive in Their country. They don’t even have narcotics on their ambulances because they don’t trust anybody,except a Saudi. Just think of it this way. The entry card that you fill out before you get off of the airplane states DEATH TO ALL DRUG TRAFFICKERS, in RED INK. So if you are unwise enough to be responsible for narcotics, and a Saudi says you mishandled the drugs you lose your life! It doesn’t matter what really happened because a Saudi said so. YOU LOSE! Don’t go, let them deal with their own problems all by their self.

  • carmela

    thanks for the warning ken. i suggest that you report this to POEA so they can investigate and protect Filipinos working there.

  • Thanks carmela.

    Some good information to follow is on emtlife.com. Under International ems. There are threads that speak to SRCA. I would suggest reading through all of those threads before making a decision to go to Saudi. There is a distinct difference in the posts of those who have been there and are not in the country any longer. You won’t see a lot of negative posts from people in Saudi Arabia because the communications are all monitored heavily and nobody wants to get into trouble while in Saudi Arabia.

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