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Filipino Cancer Patient Honored for Exceptional Service

An illness will never be a hindrance to serve others.


This is what Filipino breast cancer patient Doreen Jaen-Mooney of Kingstanding, England believe.  Mooney was recently acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth II for her significant achievement or outstanding service to the community.


The Filipino cancer patient managed to volunteer establishing a community cafe and take care of disabled persons, all despite her own illness.


Mooney was given the rank Member under the Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry. The United Kingdom award this honor for those who become an example for others.


More and more Filipinos around the world are making their names for remarkable acts, giving prestige and pride not only to the Philippines, but also to other Filipinos who are living and working abroad.


Kudos to all Filipinos abroad!

*source: philstar.com


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New SSS Contribution for 2015

The Social Security Services or SSS has released a new Contribution table effective January 2015.

Here’s the new 2015 contribution schedule for OFWs: SSS 2015 contribution


  • Payment of contributions for the months of January to December of a given year may be paid within the same year; contributions for the months of October to December of a given year may also be paid on or before the 31st of January of the succeeding year.
  •  Effectivity of coverage as an SSS OFW-member starts upon first payment of contribution, in case of initial coverage.
  •  The Minimum Monthly Contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos.


Want to check 2014 SSS contribution? Go to New SSS Contribution Table Effective This January 2014

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OFWs, for the sake of your beloved, don’t take loans!

Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs, and most Filipinos, are used to borrowing money from lenders here in the Philippines. And often, they bring this attitude even when they’re working abroad.

The United Arab Emirates is one country that offers loans or credit cards with low interest rates for borrowers. Many OFWs can’t say no to such temptations. So OFWs apply for loans or credit cards, without thinking for a million times if they’ll be able to pay for its charges or not.

And this is where situations get worse. Because most OFWs just grab the offers, they fail to see the hidden charges underneath and the consequences they’ll face.

Advice to OFWs: Avoid Loan Sharks

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), an alarming number of OFWs in the UAE were detained due to loan cases.

Tips for OFWs: Don’t Be a Victim of Loan Sharks

DFA had advised OFWs to take extra precaution when taking loans or credit cards.  Failure to pay for it may result to civil or criminal charges filed by the lenders, whether banks or individuals. Bouncing checks issued also face the same charges, since lenders require  OFWs  to attach their signatures on blank checks as part of their security measures.

Debt-related cases in UAE are difficult to handle, because a travel ban is imposed for civil cases. This means that OFWs will not be allowed to leave UAE because of unpaid loans or credit card charges. Co-makers and guarantors will also be apprehended and detained for this.

OFWs should learn to manage their money wisely to avoid making loans since failure to pay for it will result to consequences they wouldn’t want to experience with their work abroad. Learn to live with what you earn OFWs, so you can return to your family waiting for you.

Tip for OFWs: How to Avoid Loan Sharks


*source: globalnation.inquirer.net


OFWs, You Have Been Warned Repeatedly

Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs have been taking every jobs possible to earn for their family. And many illegal recruiters were taking advantage of this eagerness from OFWs to work abroad.

How to Avoid Illegal Recruitment

For most OFWs, being a household service worker or HSWs is the easiest way for them to work abroad and reach for their dreams. Many of the OFWs working abroad as HSWs were deployed in Middle East, as demand for the service continues to rise.

But when the UAE Ministry of Interior imposed a new standard contract for HSWs to protect both them and their employers rights, the deployment was affected.

OFWs are brought by using fake job position. They are fronted as sales ladies, clerks, cashier, waitress or salon staff just to meet the demands for HSWs. Illegal recruiters not only exposed OFWs to possible abuse by foreign employers, but themselves as well to penalties from the Philippine government.

How to Identify Overseas Job Scams

OFWs are warned over and over again not to accept job offers abroad from recruiters who would give them work visa for jobs they didn’t apply to. They’re also reminded not to sign a new contract upon arriving at their work destination abroad.

Beware of Employment Contract Substitution

Presently, POEA are implementing strict rules regarding HSWs deployment in the Middle East. But this applies only to new hires and does not affect OFWs who’ve been in and out of the Kingdom to work as HSWs.

*source: Gulfnews



OFWs, You Know You Shouldn’t Do This

Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are constantly reminded not to make illegal acts abroad to avoid consequences.


Earlier this month, six Filipinos were arrested for smuggling diesel from Saudi Arabia to another Gulf country.


In a news report from Arab News, the OFWs, together with an Egyptian and a Pakistani, were to face 10-years jail term and to pay large amount for stealing diesel from the kingdom.


The Filipino community in Saudi Arabia were embarrassed about the news and appeal to all OFWs submit to the kingdom’s existing laws. OFWs must limit their activities to their work abroad and basic lifestyle requirements to survive in Saudi Arabia.


Saidy Malic, a Filipino community leader,  appeal to OFWs to be loyal to their employers and exercise professional conduct.


Before leaving the Philippines for their overseas jobs, OFWs undergo pre-departure orientation seminar or PDOS to give them an overview about their destination country’s culture, laws and other informations.


FB Etiquette for OFWs to be Included in PDOS


OFWs represent the Philippines as they work abroad, and so committing such crimes will define not only them but all other OFWs and the whole country as well.

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