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Why A Pinay DH Lose Battle Against UAE Employer

When a woman was molested, her first thought is to get justice. She wanted the assailant to be punished and to be put in jail. But it’s hard to get the justice you seek, when you’re in a foreign land. This is what had happened to a Pinay who was raped by her Emirati employer in Dubai.

A Pinay domestic helper lose the battle against her UAE employer when the Dubai court lowered the sentenced to her employer from seven years to one year.

The 29-year old Pinay DH accused her army corporal employer of raping her, but opposed to her allegations when the 37-year old Emirati told the court that they had consensual sex.

It was July when the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the Emirati for seven years after sentencing him of rape with the maid. But after appealing and saying that they had consensual sex, the court lowered the seven year conviction to one year jail time.

The pinay DH said that the incident happened after the Emirati sponsor arrived home one afternoon. He ordered the pinay DH to wash his uniform, but upon learning that nobody was at home, he forced the pinay DH into the room and have sex with her.

But the Emirati’s lawyer said the Pinay DH’s allegations were false, because it was the maid who invited her employer to the room. The lawyer also added that the Pinay DH wanted to blackmail her employer, asking for money in exchange for not filing a rape case.

Though the Pinay DH seek help from the Philippine Consulate and was assisted, she was still deprived of the justice she needed when the court decision was favored to the Emirati.


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Monthly Minimum Wage of DH in Hong Kong Raised

Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong, rejoice!

The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong had good news for Filipino domestic helpers there. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government had announced that there will be an increase in the Minimum Allowable Wage (MAW) and Food Allowance for foreign domestic helpers (FDHs).

wage  increase
Wage increase in MAW and food allowance of domestic helpers will be as follows:

  • A 2.5% increase in MAW, which is equivalent to a HK$100 increase. From HK$4,010 to HK$4,110 per month.
  • An increase of 4.8% if the employers choose to provide domestic helpers with food allowance, substituting free food. It will be increased by HK$44, meaning the previous HK$920 monthly food allowance will now be not less than HK$964 per month.


According to Hong Kong SAR government, the wage increase for domestic helpers will be processed by the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD) for contracts signed on or before September 30, 2014. This will be possible if the applications reach the ImmD on or before October 28, 2014 to allow employers to send the signed contracts of domestic helpers to ImmD for completion of the necessary application procedures.


Hong Kong SAR also announced that employment contracts of domestic helpers signed on or after October 1, 2014 shall have a MAW of HK$4,110 which will be indicated in Item 5 (a) of the Employment Contract. If the employers grant a food allowance rather than the free food for domestic helpers, the amount of HK$964 shall reflect in Item 5 (b) of the Employment Contract.



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This Is Why OFWs Shouldn’t Join Protests in Hong Kong

Malacañang advised OFWs not to join protest in Hong Kong and focus instead on what their duty should be.

The mass protest had started a few days ago in Hong Kong as response to China’s announcement that only Beijing-approved candidates will be allowed to join the election in 2017.

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. said in a press briefing that they are advising OFWs to avoid joining such demonstrations and “mag-focus na lang sa kanilang gawain sa Hong Kong”.

Jobs of around 200,000 OFWs working in Hong Kong may be at risk if they accompany these protests held in sites like Central, Admirality, Tim Mei Avenue, Lung Wei Road Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Wan Chai and Tamar.

OFWs are in Hong Kong working in different areas and fields, but a large number comprises domestic helpers. The circumstances of joining the demonstrations held may affect hundred of thousands of OFWs working in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, domestic helpers should feel joyous since the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government had announced an increase in their Minimum Allowable Wage (MAW) and food allowance. Domestic helpers MAW will rise by HK$100 while the food allowance will increase by HK$44. These raise in MAW and food allowance of foreign domestic helpers will take effect on employment contracts signed on or before October 1, 2014.

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OFW’s Burden Postponed, Moved to Nov 1

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can now rejoice, even for a moment. OFWs worldwide protests may have alter the Manila International Airport Authorities decision on implementing the inclusion of the terminal fee in plane tickets fare.

MIAA thought that nothing can stop them from including the P550 terminal fee in airplane tickets which they aim to start implementing today, October 1.

airport immigration copy

But Department of Transportation and Communication secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya agreed to the postponement of the International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) or terminal fee, according to MIAA’s officer in charge, since MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado is out for an official trip abroad. This resulted to the terminal fee inclusion being moved to November 1, 2014.

MIAA said the transition of the integration will be fully implemented by Ocotber 2015 where tickets that are purchased or issued before October 1, 2014 have been consumed and flown. All airlines shall cover passengers transiting from Manila to any destination.

Since the announcement of the terminal fee integration in aiplane tickerts, OFWs around the world have started to raised their voice and stages protests to show that they are oppose to what they call as another burden for them.

MIAA said that they will honor exemptions authorized by law including OFWs, Muslim pilgrims, athletes endorsed by the Philippine Sports Commission, those authorized by the Office of the President, and children aged two and below.

OFWs claimed that the terminal fee is another burden because of the hassle it will give them once they refund the fee. Other OFWs may not opt to refund the terminal fee and let it be forfeited which will be the airports benefit.


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Philippine Embassies to Celebrate Hari Raya Haji Festival

The Philippine Embassies in different parts of the world will join our Muslim brothers and sisters in their celebration of Hari Raya Haji, also known as the “Festival of Sacrifice”.

In celebration of this, some of the Philippine Embassies will be closed for the festival. Below are the list of Philippine Embassy offices which will be closed on specific dates.
Philippine Embassy in Singapore – closed on October 6, 2014. Office to resume on October 7, 2014.

Philippine Embassy in Riyadh – closed on October 5, 6, and 7, 2014. Regular working hours to resume on October 8, 2014.

Philippine Embassy in London – closed on October 6, 2014. Regular office hours to resume on October 7, 2014. OFWs can contact these numbers in case of emergencies concerning Filipinos 078-0279-0695.

Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, UAE – closed on October 5 and 6, 2014. Regular office will resume on October 7, 2014.

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