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Tip for OFWs: Be Wary of Job Offers via Email

Check this tip from WorkAbroad.ph Facebook page.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Job Offers via Email

Kabayan, huwag pumatol sa mga nagkalat na job offer sa email lalo na kung hindi naman kayo nag-apply sa kumpanya na ito. Karamihan rin sa mga scammer ay gumagamit ng legitimate company upang makapangloko.

Kapag ikaw ay sinisingil nila ng work permit o plane ticket at ang offer sayo ay “too good to be true”- maliwanag po na sila ay scam. Kaya huwag na itong pansinin pa upang hindi mabiktima.

Kabayan, dumaan lang sa legal na paraan.

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Phil Consulate in Hong Kong Closed for Holidays

In observance of the Lenten season, Philippine and Hong Kong holidays, the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong will be closed from April 2 to 7 and 9th.

ConGen HK

Source: http://hongkongpcg.dfa.gov.ph/

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Agree?We Filipinos Ranked 5th Among Happiest People?

Despite the problems that every Filipinos are facing in their everyday lives, regardless of where they are, the Filipinos have made it to the list of people experiencing positive emotions on a daily basis.


happy filipino


A research made by Gallup.com last year indexed the percentage of happy people around the world, taking into consideration criteria like how often they laugh or smile, experience enjoyment, treated with respect and feel well-rested.


Most people who scored high in the survey was from the Latin American countries, comprising most of the top 10 spots. The Filipinos, surprisingly, made it to the 5th rank. However, the lowest positive emotions were from people living in the Middle East and North African regions.


Filipinos in the 5th rank? Well, this may be good news since this is a positive review and we ranked well. But, do we really feel that positive emotion? Are we really happy despite everything?


Everyday, in the news, we’ll hear about a government official exposed for his corrupt deed, a crime victim, fare hike, basic utility bills hike, transportation malfunction, and more.


Such negative news that you would watch on tv program, hear on the radio car, and read on newspaper or the web. Now I wonder, how the Filipinos made it to the 5th spot?


When you ask a Filipino about how well can he or she compare his or her present status, you’ll surely receive complains that its not any better or it had gotten worse than before. But still, they’ll add it can do, they can still survive.


Yes, we Filipinos are resilient. How many typhoons had destructed not only our homes, but our lives and yet we continue to fight and survive?  We Filipinos managed to shrug it off and smile, knowing that we can go on with our lives.


Because our strong faith is our asset. We always surrender everything to God, knowing that He will not neglect us. He will never forget us and will make a way to help us survive and be strong again to stand and continue our life.


Again, do you agree that the Filipinos were among the happiest people in the world? Yes, I do. Just like the campaign slogan, it’s more fun in the Philippines. It’s more fun for Filipinos.



New Case of OFW with MERS-CoV

Lately, there had been news of overseas Filipino workers or OFWs found to be positive with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus or MERS-CoV.

Included in the latest list of persons who had acquired the disease reported by the Saudi Ministry of Health is a 41-year old X-ray technician OFW from Riyadh, who is confined at present in the ICU unit of a hospital for assessment and monitoring.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the patient must have acquired the disease during the first week of March.

DFA also announced that the OFWs recently reported positive with MERS-CoV are now on to recovery, though the first case still needs to be under observation.

We can avoid this viral respiratory illness through this article: DOH Tells How to Avoid MERS Virus.

*source: philstar

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Obvious Signs that the Overseas Job Offer is A Scam

These are the obvious signs that the overseas job being offered to a Filipino overseas job applicant is fake and not existing:


  1. An invitation to a 2-day seminar where participants are asked to pay Php3,800 in exchange of guaranteed employment abroad.
  2. May be offered by a “licensed recruitment agency” but the job being offered has no existing job order from POEA.
  3. Job looks promising. A job opportunity looks so attractive because it is open to everyone such as students, undergraduates, housewives, ex-OFWs, etc.
  4. It is complete with tempting offers such as “No placement fee, No processing fee, No salary deduction, No show Money and No experience required.
  5. Offers great benefits such as free accommodation and food allowance and that the only fees that they would collect are Php3,888.00 for visa interview coaching and Php5,000.00 for medical tests.
  6. The applicant is also required to pay Php500 or higher for the application form.


To avoid these kinds of scam, POEA Admin Hans Leo J. Cacdac is encouraging job seekers who have received such recruitment emails to forward the same to info@poea.gov.ph for verification and proper action by the POEA.


Remember: Immigration consultancy companies are NOT allowed to engage in the recruitment of Filipino workers abroad unless they have a license from the POEA.

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